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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

Tanglewood Learning Institute announces fall/winter/spring schedule

In one fell swoop, Tanglewood became a year-round venue for the first time in its 82-year history when it launched the new Linde Center for Music and Learning in the summer of 2019.

Serge Koussevitzky sculpture unveiled at Tanglewood

If Ms. Jencks' sculpture merely resembled Koussevitzky, that would be sufficient. But it wonderfully captures the man's visionary character.

PREVIEW: Boston Symphony Orchestra to perform free community chamber concert at Darrow School

The main reason they're giving a concert Sunday, March 10, at Darrow School is because they enjoy performing music we usually don't associate with the BSO: folk, especially in the traditional Celtic style.

‘Summer Sundays’ at Tanglewood include instrument demonstrations, lectures, performances

Franziska Huhn's harp demonstration was one of several "Summer Sundays" events taking place in various locations on the Tanglewood grounds this summer continuing through the end of August.

MUSIC: Boston University Tanglewood Institute’s Golden Anniversary

Great music may not save the world, but it may make the world worth saving. “We know that music cannot stop a bullet or feed the hungry, but it can bring empathy and joy to places where they are in short supply.” -- Yo-Yo Ma

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