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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Citizen Simon: Author, journalist, OBE, sage of Sandisfield

“I wanted to create a sense of community in a town that has no downtown or sense of cohesion given that it’s spread out over 53 square miles. And I believe the paper has done that to a certain degree.” -- Simon Winchester, founding editor of The Sandisfield Times

News Brief: Mass. Senate passes omnibus clean energy bill; Pignatelli helps pass Hogan Agricultural Estate Tax

Rep William "Smitty" Pignatelli, D-Lenox, worked with Rep. Kate Hogan, D-Stow, to include the agricultural estate tax reform bill as part of a larger environmental bond bill that seeks to address the Commonwealth’s climate-change preparedness and response plans.

Case against pipeline protester will go to trial, as police tactics questioned and lawyer signals defense strategy

Renner and his attorney, Joseph Zlatnik, filed a discovery motion seeking radio transmissions between state police and the private security company hired by the Tennessee Gas Company the day Renner was arrested. Zlatnik is also asking for the state police policy on the use of the Taser.

Pipeline protesters’ charges downgraded, allegations made of police bias

"Current retired" officers of the State Police were paid nearly $1 million by Kinder Morgan to provide security at the Otis State Forest site.

PCBs, fracked gas pipelines endanger human and planetary health, warns author activist

Steingraber said she cannot protect her children from harm or plan for their future without taking climate action. For her, engaging in climate activism is of the same importance as other safety precautions like vaccinations or paying attention to car seat recalls.

500,000 gallons of contaminated water produced while testing Sandisfield pipeline; decontamination fails

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. was left with highly contaminated water that the company had not expected – and a big disposal problem.

Water protector Winona LaDuke speaks on ‘cannibal economics,’ courage and fighting pipelines

“We have a shot at stopping some pretty extreme behavior at the end of the cannibal or the 'wendigo' economy. And that is, in my estimation, a great spiritual opportunity for us all.” -- Winona LaDuke

Utilities manipulated natural gas supplies, causing artificial shortages, soaring energy prices, study finds

New England ratepayers paid $3.6 billion more for electricity due to capacity withholding. The utilities appear to have had an additional motive for withholding gas. Not only did the practice raise rivals’ costs in the electric generation market, but the artificially created gas shortages and high energy prices also lent credibility to the arguments for natural gas pipelines.

EDGECAST VIDEO: Sandisfield pipeline protest at TD Bank

"We demand TD Bank stop using our money to fund tar sands pipelines that our communities and planet cannot afford. We call on our neighbors, elected officials, and pension managers to close all accounts with TD Bank unless they immediately stop financing tar sands pipelines." -- Divest the Globe statement

‘Week of Resistance’ to fracked gas pipeline begins in Great Barrington with colorful protest

"The continued construction of fossil fuel infrastructure is killing our planet and her people. It is our civic duty to do all that we possibly can to stop this construction, which is unnecessary given known and present options for renewable energy." -- Priscilla Lynch, a member of the Sugar Shack Alliance

EdgeCast Video: Sandisfield pipeline, the flotilla protest

The gas giant Kinder Morgan had just sucked half a million gallons of water from this state-protected pond to flush out their pipes.

Pipeline protesters to paddle Spectacle Pond in ‘flotilla action’ to resist fossil fuels

“Through our presence, we will bear witness to the beauty of Spectacle Pond, protest its despoilment, and resist the fossil fuel industry’s continued degradation of our precious collective resources for private profit.” -- Sugar Shack Alliance

Forming human barricade, 10 pipeline protesters arrested in Otis State Forest

The action hindered access to work zones for employees, and, for a short time, it disrupted ongoing pipeline construction.

More arrests in Otis State Forest as Standing Rock demonstrators join pipeline protest

At the Lower Spectacle Pond picnic area, about 80 people gathered at 10 a.m. to not only protest the pipeline but support "the need for solidarity against fossil fuel infrastructure across the country," said a Sugar Shack Alliance spokesperson.

Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC and says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

State Sen. Adam Hinds: "If anybody's learned anything from this election, it's that elections have consequences – serious policy consequences. They are absolutely gutting the EPA at a rate that even the most pessimistic person would be surprised about right now." Hinds was also sharply critical of the state in allowing the pipeline project to move through the Otis State Forest, which is state-owned land ostensibly protected from development.

Northeast Direct gas pipeline reborn? Will Kinder Morgan’s Open Season lead to ‘NED Lite’?

The hazy nature of the notice coupled with the confidentiality agreement may evidence Kinder Morgan’s wish to delay, as long as possible, the public outcry that previously helped sink the NED project.

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