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REVIEW: Energy to spare — The TMC Orchestra and Shostakovich Fill the Shed with Sound and Drama

Despite its year-to-year changing membership, this orchestra is reliably distinguished by energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness, along with technical polish and precision.

REVIEW: ‘The Plot to Hack America,’ the untold war on American soil

We are used to the images of war: bombs and bullets and blood. But Nance knows what many Americans are unwilling to recognize: We are at war and this war is being fought on our land.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Kushner, the Mercers and Cambridge Analytica – Round One

As you continue to read, I want you to imagine an iceberg. Both Forbes and the New York Times thought they were being told, and telling us, the true story of Cambridge Analytica. But they and we saw only a small portion of what Cambridge Analytica wanted us to see.

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Orange Alert, an occasional (perhaps daily, perhaps more than daily, as necessary to keep up) feature, translating the president elect’s pronouncements. Today: Trump embraces Wikileaks.

The Edge Is Free To Read.

But Not To Produce.