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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

Member towns might override South Berkshire School District’s reluctance to pursue merger

The Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee voted unanimously to send a letter to Southern Berkshire and its five member towns asking to establish a planning group to explore consolidation for grades 9-12

South Berkshire selectmen more receptive to Berkshire Hills merger than school officials

All school committee members were willing to listen but many were skeptical about whether the process would ultimately lead to success.

Bruno appointed to SBRSD school committee, quieting the storm for now

The vote follows a contentious meeting earlier this month in which the Sheffield members of the school committee had refused to appoint Bruno after interim member Tim Schroepfer had withdrawn his name from consideration.

Of ethics, legitimacy and voter intent: A ‘big mess’ in Sheffield

For a variety of technical reasons, four Sheffield candidates were on the ballot for three seats. But voters were instructed to "vote for not more than two,” and those two with the most support were automatically re-elected.

Stewart defeated but Sears, Silvers returned to SBRSD school committee as vote tallies delayed in Sheffield

In an interview, Bonnie Silvers, who currently chairs the school committee, said the third Sheffield seat will be settled in a few days.

Egremont selectman offers his choices for School Committee

In his letter George McGurn writes: “We want to give parents and community members a reason to engage, not disengage. Bright, energetic, serious, working people are stepping forward.”

As SBRSD elections take shape, questions persist about district personnel and sustainability

It does appear that a generational challenge is in the offing for the Nov. 6 elections. A flyer distributed throughout the district refers to a "clean slate for SBRSD school committee" and flatly states that "the candidates support the right of all the towns to have their elementary schools."

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