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President Biden to drop out of presidential race – updated with statements from Governor Healey, Congressman Neal

President Biden had been previously under pressure by members of the Democratic party to drop out.

 For Judge Kavanaugh, it’s only about him

 “I will never quit” is based on two premises: there are no possible circumstances that are more important than my not quitting; and this is about me.


Unresolved and never abandoned, it is the push-pull between the sides that make America what it is, make our politics what they have been.

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

It's hard to look away from a train wreck. It's impossible to look away from successive wrecks.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Comey on Comey in ‘A Higher Loyalty’

Critical reviews of “A Higher Loyalty” are easy to find. Instead, I’m going to offer some excerpts many critics have neglected—reminiscences that reveal why James Comey has become the man he is, providing perspective about why he responded the way he did to the Clinton email investigation and the improper demands of Donald Trump.

Vira Vira Equinox

America doesn’t have a national dance. Perhaps it should be the limbo.

It’s Thursday morning

It’s Thursday morning and I could mow but I did that yesterday. Maybe I’ll write yet another note of fan mail to Allison Larkin.

Uncle Sam’s policy of Fickle Friendship: Two test cases

With a friend like the United States, what freedom-loving people – from the native tribes of New England to the self-liberated people of the Philippines – needed an enemy?

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