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PETER MOST: Up in smoke

Two things are becoming increasingly clear. One, based on the facts and law, it is downright dopey for Great Barrington not to settle in its Community Impact Fees cases. Two, the town has persistently received bad counsel.

ART REVIEW: ‘X’ marks the spot at Bernay Fine Art

The exhibit highlights how women are an important factor in today’s art scene. Stylistically diverse, pieces freely bounce from representational to non-representational art.

POEM: The Launching of the Slingshot Ride

you grip the sides and start to scream with something that is akin to laughter

‘Below the radar and above the shops’: Great Barrington’s upstairs economy

"We all love living here and want to be able to work downtown, go downstairs and get coffee and go across the street and get food. I like to go next door to buy my clothing." -- Asa Hardcastle, whose Tonic 5 software development company is on the floor above Tom’s Toys on Main Street

Bits & Bytes: Joan Griswold open studio; ‘Drones: The Sky Isn’t the Limit;’ ‘An Evening of Duos;’ Young Writers’ Contest winners; play analysis series

Over the course of a 90-minute verbal, textual and visual fly-by, Thaddeus Kubis will trace the history of drones, the current state of affairs of drones and attempt to predict the future of both commercial and recreational drones.

‘Best Small Town’ art exhibit to celebrate Great Barrington

Among the 25 artists whose work will be on display are Morgan Bulkeley, Jarvis Rockwell, Joan Griswold, Warner Friedman, Janet Rickus, Peggy Reeves, and John Lawson.

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