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I WITNESS: Is the sky really falling?

Instead of running his mouth, which is his typical modus operandi, Donald Trump is golfing and enjoying the spectacle of the Democratic Party doing what it does best: freaking out and cannibalizing itself, with plenty of help from media pundits.

Repeal of ‘net neutrality’: What are the implications for the Berkshires?

The opinion of Berkshire County experts ranges from skepticism to staunch opposition to the repeal of net neutrality, which is the principle that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet in the same manner and not charge different rates based content or platform.

Reinventing downtown Great Barrington: Commerce or retail ‘destination’?

"You want uses that drive foot traffic. At the same time, there are economics ... " -- Great Barrington Planning Board chair Brandee Nelson

SBRSD settles lawsuit; Egremont school’s future remains uncertain

After meeting separately in closed-door sessions on Monday, the Egremont Board of Selectmen and the regional school committee agreed to a settlement that would suspend operations at the South Egremont School for 2017-18.

Hearing for Egremont lawsuit against SBRSD postponed indefinitely, settlement near

"We have a potential settlement agreement. Both parties will be voting on it next week. If both parties agree, we will not go forward with our suit." -- Bruce Turner, chairman of the Egremont Board of Selectmen

School Committee chairman’s closed-door meeting with district selectmen addresses village school dispute, rejected budget

The latest move by the school committee was to hold a closed-door meeting of invited guests Tuesday morning in the Eagle's Loft meeting room at Mount Everett Regional School.

Egremont files legal action against SBRSD over closure of local school

The complaint further asks the court to consider the School Committee's action to be a "material breach" and to grant the town the authority to enter into "tuition agreements with another district or districts."

Solicitation ban at town dump raises possible First Amendment issues

West Stockbridge — It might have sounded innocent enough. Ostensibly in response to complaints from residents about being accosted by salesmen, the Board of...

Great Barrington Selectboard unanimously approves special permits for hotel at Searles School

“The applicant has taken it all very much to heart and wants to do...what is right for the community…we all have the potential to get something good for Great Barrington.” --- Sean Stanton, chairman of the Great Barrington Selectboard

Redesigned Berkshire Hotel presented to Great Barrington Selectboard

The proposed 95-room, upscale hotel on the site of the empty Searles School complex would incorporate the brick facades and outlines of the 116-year-old building.

Stockbridge legal labyrinth: Fire chief resigns to be reappointed

"I am so tired of hearing you say that it is Chucky Cardillo's problem to resolve,” declared Prospect Hill resident Carole Owens. “This is not a Chuck problem. This is a Stockbridge problem. The selectmen act in concert. I wonder why the town isn’t paying his legal fees.” -- Stockbridge resident Carole Owens

Newest Stockbridge selectman — and fire chief — declares intention to remain on board

“I am not questioning Chuck Cardillo’s right to be a selectman and fire chief. It appears to be a matter of state law. He was elected by the people, and I personally want him to be a selectman. This is not an attempt to undo the election.” -- Charles Gillett, chairman of the Stockbridge Board of Selectmen

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