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Shooting in Pittsfield leaves two injured

Second shooting in Pittsfield in a week.

Bits & Bytes: Radio Deluxe at the Mahaiwe; Winter Solstice Faerie Ball; railroad safety presentation; storm windows at Green Drinks; Red Cross blood drives

In light of the efforts to connect the Berkshires to New York City via passenger train, the town of Great Barrington will present federal railroad safety expert Dick Towle Wednesday, Dec. 19, at the Claire Teague Senior Center.

Bits & Bytes: Berkshire Earth Expo; ‘Embrace Your Voice’ at Stockbridge Library; Wildflower Festival; ‘Chasing Coral’ at the Moviehouse; Girls’ empowerment concert

The “Embrace Your Voice, Reclaim Your Power: Changing the Dialogue Surrounding Sexual Assault” series will provide the community with an opportunity to talk about and understand sexual violence.

GE still plans to dump PCBs in the Berkshires, environmentalists warn

GE has formally objected to EPA’s final cleanup remedy, challenging the agency’s directive to transport and dispose of the PCB waste to an off-site facility.

FERC deals a blow to pipeline opponents, but some options remain

Is there a significant need for natural gas in Connecticut to cause Tennessee to proceed [with the pipeline] despite the fervent opposition? The answer appears to be “not anymore.”

Bits & Bytes: ‘XXYY;’ Edge editor, publisher speaking at KI luncheon; ‘Once Upon a Mattress;’ Dalton preschool open house; 350Mass Berkshires meeting

'XXYY' is a poetic and otherworldly dance-theater event exploring the multiplicities of the gender spectrum while deconstructing the conventional binaries of male and female.

Tennessee Gas to pay state $1.2 million in pipeline-related compensation

The announcement said the easement for Tennessee Gas’ Connecticut Expansion Project will include environmental mitigation, recreational improvements and securing additional conservation land.

The people vs. FERC: Where is the oversight of gas pipeline risks?

“Trump doesn’t like to lose. If he doesn’t make renewables a priority, he will lose to the countries that are working to be clean energy leaders.” -- Maya van Rossum, head of Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Pipeline giant backstabs Sandisfield but faces potentially fatal delays to project

The Kinder Morgan subsidiary had negotiated with Sandisfield town officials, drafting a contract that said it would give the town $1 million to fix roads and other town infrastructure damaged by company equipment. The company walked away when it was time to sign that contract.

Sandisfield pipeline spawns water quality battles on three fronts, potentially delaying the project

In their legal filing to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection the complaint of the Citizens alleges that “the proposed pipeline would permanently degrade and impair water uses and quality for waters located at the heart of [8,500 acres] of interconnected, valuable open space.”

Bits & Bytes: ‘Love Letters’ at Barrington Stage; Concert Across America; ‘What’s in Our Water?’; fall festival & 5K; Victor Borge talk; Stockbridge Planning...

The 'What’s in Our Water?' forum will explore current challenges to the environment, the effects and potential risks to human health, and ways in which information is disseminated.

Landowners, environmentalists appeal Kinder Morgan gas pipeline’s ‘water quality’ permit

Tennessee Gas plans to use millions of gallons from Spectacle Pond to flush out newly installed pipes, raising concerns about chemicals from the pipes being released into the environment.

Protesters rally against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline through Otis State Forest

Attorney General Maura Healey’s office, after battling Tennessee Gas in court over the speed at which it wanted to begin clearing the land, is mum on any plans that might include an appeal.

Bits & Bytes: ‘Resisting the Pipeline;’ CATA art exhibits; Stephen Hough at Tannery Pond; Harvey Granat at Berkshire South; Shabbat at Tanglewood

The 'Resisting the Pipeline' celebration will move to Lower Spectacle Pond/Otis State Forest in Sandisfield for a solidarity rally from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 16, that will include musical guests Ben Grosscup, Kate O'Conner, Bonner McAllester, and Steve Adams.

MassDEP clears way for Kinder Morgan pipeline in Otis State Forest

Kinder Morgan has begun to backpedal on a promise to pay the town of Sandisfield about $1 million in compensation for wear and tear or damage to roads and other town infrastructure.

B.E.A.T., guardians of the (Berkshire) environment

No Fracked Gas in Mass is a relatively recently initiated B.E.A.T. program. Organized by Rose Wessel, it opposes the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

EDGE WISE: Eco-cinema and environmental awareness

I can understand that food waste is a problem, and look at a statistic and tell you that it is terrible, but once I am confronted with images of the sheer magnitude of piles of wasted food and the story of people who tried to make a difference, that is when I have to take a look in the mirror and really consider taking action.

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