Historical Commission issues Phase 1 of historic resources survey in Great Barrington

This survey of a portion of Great Barrington’s rich catalogue of historic buildings was a significant undertaking for the Historical Commission. It provides the town with the first of a series of reports that provide documentation of sites worthy of preserving and those potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

18th Annual Interfaith Celebration of legacy and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Do you know that most of the poor people in our country are working everyday? They are making wages so low that they cannot begin to function in the mainstream of the economic life of our nation. These are facts which must be seen. And it is criminal to have people working on a full-time basis and a full-time job getting part-time income.”


— Dr. Martin Luther King, in a speech to Memphis sanitation workers in 1968, just before his assassination.

EDGE WISE: Free speech trumps hate speech

What a month it’s been! In just the past couple of weeks, the Pope made a passionate argument underscoring the need for humans to respect not only other humans, but other species and all life on Earth, while the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of all Americans, no matter their sexual orientation, to civil