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State Rep. Pignatelli appointed as Lenox’s interim town manager, effective July 1

Select Board members applauded filling the opening with a local resident already knowledgeable with town workings.

Hearing for pot farm sparks anger and threats of removal from Selectboard Chair

On several occasions during the hearing, Great Barrington Selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon rapped his gavel and warned hecklers that they would be removed from the room if they persisted.

News Brief: Water update from Housatonic Water Works

Housatonic Water Works maintains nearly 90,000 linear feet of water mains, mostly cast iron installed in the 1880s. Although these lines remain in good condition, they are more reactive to chlorine which can cause increased iron sediment.

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Passions run high as Housie residents decry ‘smart’ water meters

Smart water meters use attached transponders to transmit usage and other data to water companies via the same cellular data networks used by smartphones.

Yet again, the town tries to sell the dormant Housatonic School

An independent study submitted to the town in 2012 by a building consultant found that any developer looking to renovate the school is facing a liability of at least $850,000 in required remediation of just the asbestos and lead paint hazards.

Castle Street firehouse owner begins redevelopment work at last — on alleyway

Some Railroad Street merchants and firehouse neighbors have grown furious over the deterioration of the alley in the hands of private owners, its impact on delivery truck access, and the blighted appearance overall.

Health, building inspectors to leave old firehouse: Unhealthy working environment, structural risks

The situation [with the Castle Street firehouse] is “ridiculous at this point. It seems crazy … If there’s a reason [why redevelopment of the firehouse hasn’t begun], then it would be nice to know what it is.” --- Sean Stanton, chair, Great Barrington Selectboard

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