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President Biden to drop out of presidential race – updated with statements from Governor Healey, Congressman Neal

President Biden had been previously under pressure by members of the Democratic party to drop out.

CONNECTIONS: Is two-party system at risk?

Like now, at the time of the birth of our nation, there were two parties: the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Within three decades, one would disappear.

Great Barrington’s Laura Ingersoll Secord: Heroine or traitor?

At least a few residents of Great Barrington were aware of Laura Secord by the early 1900s. When the Ingersoll home was first moved and then torn down during the construction of the Mason Library, structural artifacts were removed and sent to Canada for a Laura Secord exhibit.

BOOK REVIEW: Michael Waldman offers a critical lesson about the struggle over the meaning of ‘The Second Amendment’

As increasing numbers of our friends and neighbors and children die at the hands of those who wield weapons of war, Waldman offers a wise and unfortunately essential look at how we got here.

CONNECTIONS: The plots to subvert democracy

It is harder to understand why American citizens would undermine elections. Yet, in American history, the movements to be inclusive have been balanced by the movements to remain exclusive.

CONNECTIONS: A rebellion of ‘desperate debtors’

In August 1786, Daniel Shays, a Massachusetts farmer, ceased the search for “representatives who can find means to redress the grievances of the people” and took up arms.

CONNECTIONS: American tradition of perverting democracy

Sad but true: by our democratic process, we elected and continue to elect representatives who seek to pervert or suppress our democratic process.

Unresolved ‘resolves’ and other Berkshire conflicts

The battle is not couched as in the 18th century: the merchant class versus the farmers. Today, it is Main Street versus Wall Street.

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