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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

Tanglewood Festival Chorus celebrates 50th

Fortunately, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and the Boston Symphony Orchestra are still planning something special for this occasion.

Tanglewood Learning Institute announces fall/winter/spring schedule

In one fell swoop, Tanglewood became a year-round venue for the first time in its 82-year history when it launched the new Linde Center for Music and Learning in the summer of 2019.

Solemnities and confections in Studio E: Gracing the opening of the Tanglewood Learning Institute

Had composer and conductor Oliver Knussen not died in Suffolk last year at the age of 66, he would have presided over this year’s Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. It seemed fitting as well that the first sounds to put the new hall to test were Knussen’s stunning 'Prequel to Opening Signal.'

PREVIEW: Puccini’s ‘La bohème’ at Tanglewood, ideal for opera newbies

The opera is famous not so much for its plot as for its melodies, which make it one of Puccini’s most accessible works and an ideal starting point for opera newbies.

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