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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on Refill GB—a mission-based shop with a welcoming vibe (and zero plastic!)

Founded three years ago by Berkshire native Jamie McCormack, this charming Great Barrington retail space helps you make better choices for your health and the planet.

CHP’s Dr. Stoepker helping to change the landscape of accessible health care for LGBTQ infividuals

Dr. Jeremy Stoepker has worked to create a safe zone in his office by providing informed, compassionate medical care to LGBTQ patients.

Amplifications: Navigating Berkshire health care options

Physical therapy at Hillcrest was, and still is, top-notch.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Mort à la résistance

Recency bias is the tendency to think that what’s been happening recently will keep happening. It’s one of a group of behavioral finance biases that cloud the judgement of investors.

Redefining good health and good health care for ACA customers—and for everyone else, too

As the “social determinants of health” move into focus, we must reach beyond vital signs, the histories, the medication lists: We now ask patients about housing stability, transportation access, family relationships, caregiving challenges, friendships, food security.


I get the “Financial Independence” part, but the “Retire Early” part is just made up. Retiring at age 40 is a romantic idea.

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants vital parts of health care teams

In his letter Dr. Everett Lamm writes: "In today’s health care environment, in nearly all medical settings and not just in rural areas, primary care medicine is increasingly provided by highly qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work alongside physicians in a team setting."

No on Question 1: Not a fit for the Berkshires

The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission, an independent state agency, estimates that healthcare costs will increase between $676 million and $949 million annually if this initiative passes.

New video parodies N.Y. Congressman John Faso for taking away health care

In a new video ad, “Make You Sick,” released this week by the Catskills Freedom Network, animated rapper DJ Faso again turns the tables on the real Faso, imagining him as a rapper trying to explain his betrayal to his voters.

Support Single Payer legislation in Question 4

I Beth Eisenberg writes: "The enormous burden to cities, towns and school districts that must pay ever-increasing health insurance bills for current employees as well as retirees would be alleviated, and other much needed municipal and educational needs could be addressed."

Question 1 threatens healthcare access for more than 30,000 CHP patients

In here letter to the editor, Lia Spiliotes writes: “Question 1 is a threat to Berkshire County’s overall community health.”


Clearly we have a problem with addiction in this country, but we also have a problem with pain management. Living in constant pain can destroy a person.

Say ‘no’ to Question 1: Here’s one good reason why

In a letter to the editor Dr. Brian Burke writes: "However, under the terms of the nurse staffing initiative, if you arrive at an emergency department at the wrong time, you may not be seen until and unless additional staff are brought in to restore the ratio."

EDGECAST: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren at The Mahaiwe: We’re in this fight

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke to an overflow audience of more than 1,000 Sunday (July 22) at The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, Mass. She addressed issues of immigration, income inequality, and the opioid epidemic. Here is a video of her remarks.

U.S. Rep. Neal’s Democratic opponent styles herself a ‘problem solver’

Amatul-Wadud is running for Congress to address what she believes are some hard truths about the living conditions in the district that Rep. Neal and others won’t talk about.

Warren electrifies Mahaiwe crowd, but questioners get few specifics

The Warren campaign estimated more than 1,000 people attended the rally, including those at the packed Mahaiwe and the overflow crowd that could not be admitted to the 700-seat theater.

Seven Democrats seek chance to unseat Republican John Faso in crucial NY-19 district

The Democratic candidates debate lasted nearly three hours and covered issues from Trump's new tariffs, how to protect the EPA and deal with a shortage of farm workers as well as questions on immigration reform, gun control and health care.

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