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Otis holds Memorial Day remembrance service

A small group of veterans traveled to all the cemeteries in Otis and Sandisfield, paying respects to fallen veterans.

Halloween is postponed … and other things you should know

Christmas shopping season is cancelled, except for 3 to 5 p.m. on December 16th, my grandmother’s half-birthday.

High wind warning postpones Trick or Treat night in Great Barrington until Saturday, Nov. 2

With rain and wind gusts up to 40 mph and higher, 24 Massachusetts towns have so far delayed Trick or Treat night.

News for the under-15 crowd: Unicorn and fairies spotted in Great Barrington!

Taft Farms has been a popular stopover for magical creatures and superheroes for many years. Last year Spiderman and the Hulk were here for like six weeks. Pikachu has also visited. Some say it’s because Taft Farms' cider donuts are crazy yum.

PROFILE: Timothy Lee, Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal

"A lot of different needs have come into the building that have been absorbed over a relatively short period of time, and how to accommodate all of theses needs while being as inclusive as possible has been a challenge. We are doing a lot of interesting things here to try and rise to that challenge, and I was really interested in being part of it." --Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal Timothy Lee

Downtown goblins and ghosts : A Great Barrington Halloween tradition — ‘It’s glorious’

"This event provides our students with the much needed opportunity to contribute their skills and energy to the supportive community where they live." -- Neel Webber, Monument Mountain Regional High School art teacher

Bits & Bytes: Barnstar! at Race Brook Lodge; Robert Bullard at Williams; Stockbridge Halloween parade; ‘The Concert’ at CAS; Lyme disease talk

For decades, Robert Bullard has been a leading voice against environmental racism—the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color—including the Flint water crisis and hurricane recovery in Houston and Puerto Rico.

EYES TO THE SKY: Arcturus ghost; cross-quarter day; EST on the 5th

People throughout time have created holidays and monuments to express the affects these astronomical experiences have on our lives.

Annual Halloween window painting brings student artists to downtown Great Barrington

"The event offers all the students a sense of accomplishment by having their art chosen to be painted in downtown Great Barrington in what now had become a popular and highly competitive school wide competition." --Neel Webber, Monument Mountain Regional High School art teacher

NATURE’S TURN: Dress rehearsal for Halloween: The killing frost

Halloween came to my garden a week early. The fabric meant to prolong the lives of plants transformed into their ghosts.

LEONARD QUART: Village Halloween Parade 2016

The New York Halloween Parade is the largest celebration of its kind in the world and has been picked by Festivals International as “The Best Event in the World” for October 31.

CONNECTIONS: The haunted Berkshires. Boo!

Ghosts in all parts of Berkshire County have made it clear by their actions that they do not wish to pose: they disappear with a pop if you pull out a camera.

EYES TO THE SKY: Trick and treat midway between equinox and solstice

Halloween encourages our imaginations and coaxes us to embrace the dark time of year marks the approximate halfway point between the autumnal equinox (September 22) and the winter solstice (December 21).

Vira Vira Equinox does Halloween

The mischievous Vira Vira Equinox prepares for All Hallows Eve.

My first love: A Halloween romance

I saw her, her peach complexion, her blonde bouffant and golden tiara, her empty eye sockets

Bits & Bytes: GB trick or treat hours; Music@theTaft; Sheffield tree planting and property walk; Cafe Palestina film festival; students plant vegetative buffer

Participants in the Sheffield Land Trust's property walk will explore the Drury Trail from Barnum Street to Schenob Brook and hear about the property’s history, plants and animals from members of the Drury family.

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