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I WITNESS: The first annual ‘Profile in Hypocrisy’ award

The courageous understand the risk they take by telling the truth; cowards and hypocrites demonstrate a commitment to deception, even when the deception is both obvious and detrimental to everyone around them.

Solemnities and confections in Studio E: Gracing the opening of the Tanglewood Learning Institute

Had composer and conductor Oliver Knussen not died in Suffolk last year at the age of 66, he would have presided over this year’s Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. It seemed fitting as well that the first sounds to put the new hall to test were Knussen’s stunning 'Prequel to Opening Signal.'

REVIEW: Seeking American Spirits at Tanglewood– BSO pays tribute to liberty, and swing

"The combined institution creates in one stroke the most comprehensive training ground for performing arts and related careers in the country, if not the world." -- Boston Conservatory president Richard Ortner, describing the proposed merger of the Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory

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