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Sheffield recycles

I applaud everyone who is part of Sheffield’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse. In doing so, money is saved, jobs are supported, and our solid-waste footprint is hopefully reduced as smart environmental choices are made daily.

THEATRE REVIEW: BTG’s confusing ‘What We May Be’ is beautiful with odd aspects

I am not often caught at a lack of words, but in this case, it is not clear to me what or why this play is what it is. Even so, praise for it comes naturally.

Bits & Bytes: Isadora Duncan dance workshop; ‘Berkshire Voices’; Berkshire Stonewall potluck; Berkshire Theatre Awards

Berkshire Voices, led by playwright Michael Brady, was created by and for Berkshire-based playwrights to provide key support and resources for writers at every stage of their careers

THEATRE REVIEW: Kalcheim’s ‘Coming Back Like a Song!’ is pure delight

When it comes to witty and double-entendre rhyming, Sondheim, eat your heart out. Lee Kalcheim’s dialogue is crisp and snappy. 

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Coming Back Like a Song!’ at Berkshire Theatre Festival — an unforgettable evening with Irving Berlin et al

With about 35 songs, 'Coming Back Like a Song!' buoys up the songwriters' reputations while bringing them some long overdue humanity-showing frailties, emotional states and reputation-saving gestures.

Bits & Bytes: First Fridays Artswalk; ‘Constellations;’ Housatonic River cleanup; Lee Library art exhibit; paint and oil collection; AT Community Day

Acceptable materials for the paint and oil collection are oil-based paint, stains, paint thinners, spray paint and turpentine, as well as waste motor oil.

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