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DATELINE STOCKBRIDGE: On running for Stockbridge town moderator, a first step into politics

It sure does take a village to run one little campaign, and every kind word and helping hand was appreciated. Thank you.

PERSPECTIVES: Sugar highs and lows: Local businesswoman pivots to prosper

Inside, Helfand was faced with a shuttered store that she knew deep down would need a massive renovation. Outside, along Main Street, all was crickets.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Take CARES of yourself

At the heart of this, it’s a medical issue, not an economic issue. The virus will determine the pace and the path of economic recovery.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Suck it up, buttercup

According to my colleagues, 44 percent see a recession hitting in 2020, and 32 percent in 2021. That’s two-thirds who think the U.S. will see a recession within the next two years. You can count me among them.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Markets feeling good

The bad news is that when everyone is bullish, it’s often a bad time to be invested because, often times, that means all of the potential good news has already been expected and priced into the market.

CAPITAL IDEAS: What is the bond market saying about the stock market?

The average daily volume for high yield bonds has fallen 18 percent from two years ago, and the average daily holdings have dropped 80 percent from five years ago.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Ho-ho-horrific housing

Rising home prices and mortgage rates are slowing down homebuyers. And the higher costs of land, labor and materials are making it more difficult for builders to deliver houses at the prices which are most in demand.

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