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PREVIEW: Aston Magna Family Day at Saint James Place, Saturday, May 25

It is commonplace for children to experience private epiphanies simply by holding a musical instrument in their hands for the first time.

PERSPECTIVES: Sugar highs and lows: Local businesswoman pivots to prosper

Inside, Helfand was faced with a shuttered store that she knew deep down would need a massive renovation. Outside, along Main Street, all was crickets.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 40: The storm before the calm

Yet at the present moment, as in the forest, we are learning that all of us live in equipoise between life and death, albeit some with more protections than others.

CONNECTIONS: The presidential power grab

It appears that national emergencies were declared in time of war or when the emergency was clear to all, dire, and demanded immediate attention. The power grab was for a specific purpose and time-limited. 

James D. McGraw, 87, of Sheffield

Jim was an architect behind Sheraton’s transformation into a world-class organization, expanding its hotel management operations and property investments throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

PART I: W.E.B. Du Bois and his politics: A complicated and controversial legacy

Undoubtedly the greatest African-American intellectual in U.S. history and an activist who pioneered the modern civil rights movement and worked tirelessly for African peoples’ freedom throughout the world, Du Bois is long overdue for public recognition in Great Barrington and the nation. Yet like Banquo’s ghost, the controversy surrounding Du Bois — and particularly his political ideology and affiliation at the end of his life — will not go down.

‘This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land’

On this Fourth of July -- especially on this Fourth of July -- Woody Guthrie reminds us of the true spirit of America. Here's Woody singing his ballad, as well as Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie with a recent rendition.

CONNECTIONS: Survival of the wealthiest

Rev. Henry Ward Beecher wedded the science of social Darwinism to the church, and helped obliterate criticism of the Gilded Age’s excessively disproportionate distribution of wealth. He justified the rich to their riches and blamed the poor for their poverty.

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