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CONNECTIONS: In America, truth has never gotten in the way of politics

Fomenting fear to drive policy is a political technique older than our country. It has never lost favor with the power hungry and never varied.

Selectboard backs cease-and-desist order against Gary O’Brien trucking on Roger Road

In a unanimous vote Monday night, the selectmen urged the Great Barrington Zoning Board of Appeals to reject the appeal of Gary J. O'Brien, whose trucking company has been told to halt its illegal practices on Roger Road.

GB planners eye a zoning fix for dozens of noncompliant properties on State Road

"The new zone would continue to allow retail and commercial establishments, like the current B-2, but it would also allow for a variety of residential uses." -- Great Barrington Town Planner Chris Rembold

Great Barrington Town Hall briefs: Parking rules; citizen petitions deadline; Blue Hill Road brouhaha

Town manager Jennifer Tabakin reminded town residents of the upcoming deadlines for citizen petitions to have items placed for a vote on the warrant for the annual town meeting.

Great Barrington Town Hall Briefs: Du Bois celebration; Tim Drumm to retire; Blue Hill Road residents demand action

Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant, who directs Multicultural BRIDGE and co-chairs the Du Bois 150th Committee, was in Town Hall Monday night with Randy Weinstein, founder and director of the Du Bois Center at Great Barrington, to gain approval to mount banners on utility poles in town and to report on the progress the committee had made on celebrating the birthday of iconic scholar and civil rights leader W.E.B. Du Bois.

Selectboard to Town Manager: Get the code enforcer an attorney

Selectman Steve Bannon then made a motion that, if building inspector Edwin May attends a hearing in front of the Great Barrington Zoning Board of Appeals or goes to court in the Gary J. O'Brien matter, the town will provide an attorney to represent him. It passed unanimously.

Questions raised about legality, safety of fuel tanks and standing fuel trucks at Great Barrington airport

"My immediate concern is the [fuel] trucks. Any fuel storage has to have 110-percent containment under it. How that's okay, I don't understand. If something happens, there nothing between that truck and the ground." -- Selectboard member Ed Abrahams

Neighbors of O’Brien waste business decry ‘industrial siege’ on Blue Hill Road

In addition to the trucks and the transfer station activities, there are reports of race cars gunning their engines on the O'Brien property on the weekends.

Under fire, Great Barrington airport throws in the towel; will pursue alternate route to expansion

Lori A. Robbins, the attorney for Berkshire Aviation, stunned the packed selectmen's room when she announced that her client wanted to withdraw its application without prejudice.

GB Selectboard hears opposing pleas from pilots, neighbors over airport expansion

Neighbors are worried about what will happen when an increasingly busier airport changes, possibly leading to even more future expansion. The pilots and plane owners say the airport is a critical piece of the town’s economic engine and a treasure that brings people here from far and wide.

In response to criticism, CDC modifies affordable housing plans for GB brownfield

Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire's executive director Tim Geller noted that these changes are “insubstantial” enough not to trigger another public hearing, as state regulations require it for “substantial” changes to the comprehensive permit, which was already granted last fall.

ZBA ruling backs building inspector on solar ruling; solar project on farm not dead, company president says

Inspector Edwin May did his job by interpreting what was available on the books. He treated Kearsarge’s project, which is to generate power at discounted rates for three central Massachusetts municipalities, as “light industrial” and so not allowed on the land the company planned to lease from farmer Bob Coons.

School and farmer, both on economic tightwire, work through solar dilemma

Among the usual farm stressors, lowered milk prices prevented farmer Bob Coons from expanding the cowherd, leaving him to look for new ways to survive and leasing 20 of his roughly 200 acres, mostly wetlands, being his only shot at staying on th­e land his family has farmed since the 1950s.

Communication meltdown has school scrambling over neighbor’s solar plan

Steiner board president Tom Sternal said, while some administrators knew the school’s neighbor was considering building a solar array, neither the administration nor the school’s board understood the size and scope of the project until around one week ago.

Steiner School says it was blindsided by solar array plan next door as town writes zoning bylaws

“Until last week the school did not understand the location, the size, or the timing of the project. We’re just attempting to collect as much information as possible to share with our families, hear their concerns, and work with Kearsarge Energy to bring about a solution. -- Tom Sternal, president of the board of trustees at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School

Large solar project hits GB zoning roadblock, heads to ZBA for appeal

Building Inspector Edwin May said the property did not have sufficient frontage for a building lot and is not by right since it sits in a residential/agricultural zone.

Pressure MassDEP to restart bioremediation at brownfield site, say activists

The highly contaminated site, having sat idle and an eyesore in a mostly residential area–and with groundwater contaminated with PCPs right next to the Housatonic River–is wearing patience thin.

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