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Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Kate Lascar of Berkshire Property Agents offers one of Great Barrington’s classic Victorian beauties in immaculate condition. An analysis of first quarter 2024 real estate sales. Architect Pamela Sandler transforms a dark, compartmentalized condo into a light, bright and open home. Plus, recent sales, gardening columns and more.

Great Barrington declares state of emergency, will likely postpone town meeting, elections

Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon tried to reassure everyone that town government was functioning and that elected officials were active and town employees were still reporting to work.

BMC employees under self-quarantine as local officials grapple with response to coronavirus

In Great Barrington, town officials put out a statement yesterday, and at Monday's selectboard meeting, town health agent Rebecca Jurczyk briefed officials on measures the town is taking to prepare for the virus.

Selectboard to allow citizens to weigh in at town meeting on controversial GE-EPA settlement

The only way for the item calling for withdrawal to be placed on the warrant is for the selectmen to put it there, even though they were the ones who signed the settlement on behalf of the town in the first place.

PCB removal pact sparks anger and dismay at EPA, towns

Opponents of the recent settlement between General Electric, the Environmental Protection Agency and five South County towns to clean up PCBs in the Housatonic River reveal plans to stop a planned PCB landfill in Lee.

It’s Not That Simple: Strategic sustainability and livability

“Talking about climate change as a fact or not a fact is a tremendous distraction from what is happening. I’ve stopped using the word ‘change’ and started using ‘crisis’ because that’s more accurate.” -- Jovanina Pagano

No PCB dump in the Berkshires: Popular resistance begins

In a letter to the editor, Pooja Prema of Great Barrington, Mass., writes, "I advocate for leaving the river alone until more effective natural remediation technologies are discovered within the next two to 10 years, which could be done in situ (without dredging). This technology most likely already exists"

News Brief: Great Barrington Police Department awarded re-accreditation status

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission offers two program awards: certification and accreditation, with accreditation being the higher of the two.

152 years later: Myriad lessons surrounding Du Bois’ enduring legacy

When Randy Weinstein came to live in Great Barrington at the age of 18, he remembered Du Bois’ name being “surrounded by controversy, [and] disparaging [comments],” at the time, something for which Weinstein had zero tolerance.

Great Barrington budget to rise nearly 5 percent; private EMS service seeks $132,000 donation

The operating total does not include the town's contribution toward the annual budget of the Berkshire Hills Regional School District, the school committee of which has yet to adopt its own budget, though its deliberations started Thursday night.

Census official to selectboard: $675 billion at stake and it’s ‘about power’

Census specialist Mark Sebastino emphasized that all responses are protected by Title 13 of the federal code, which prohibits the Census Bureau from sharing personal information with any other government agency or court.

Alan Chartock: Betting on pot and wagering

Now it looks like the door is opening for sports betting at upstate casinos. When all else fails to bring economic vitality to upstate, bring on the betting.

Affordable Housing Trust apologizes for lack of communication about development plan

If approved, the town wouldn't close on the property until July. If taxpayers rejected the funding, then there would be no project at all, or the trust would have to identify another site.

Alan Chartock: I Publius

You can hardly find a parking space now. More pot dispensaries will make an already bad problem even worse.

Supporters for home rule on Great Barrington horse racing take their fight to Boston

Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli, D-Lenox, said he is "personally very optimistic" about the chances of the petition passing in one form or another.

Selectmen want to limit number of pot shops to seven, on a par with liquor stores

When selectboard Chair Steve Bannon opened the floor to comments from the audience, most seemed to agree that, in addition to placing restrictions on the stores, the larger question remains about what kind of image the tourism-minded town wants to project.

News Briefs: Alex Morse in Sheffield; CDBG home repair info session

Morse, who grew up in a housing project in Holyoke, attended Brown University and was the first in his family to earn a college degree.

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