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THEATER REVIEW: ‘2.5 Minute Ride’ plays at Hartford Stage through June 23

I don’t always recommend solo performances, but this one is that rare exception. It is a must see!

Town Hall Briefs: For the first time, Great Barrington will hold its town meeting outside; special permit for gated parking lot denied

The most important item is getting the budget passed before the end of the fiscal year Tuesday, June 30.

Longtime Great Barrington police chief to retire at end of year

Walsh said he was giving early notice at this time to allow "a smooth passing of the torch."

Reeling from COVID-19, South County towns and schools ‘pivot,’ brace for the worst

Invariably there will be other problems that we can't even foresee, in part because hard data is difficult to come by.

Gay pride colors should not be on crosswalks

In a letter to the editor, Andy Moro writes, "It was only last week that we were informed the town needed to furlough (lay off) several employees, but we have money for this?"

Liberate Town Meeting

Before CoronaTime, I tried to imagine a system that took advantage of modern technology, of expanded broadband, and computers and smartphones to extend and expand our ability to discuss the issues before us. So here are several suggestions about how we can liberate town meeting from the past and meet the challenge of COVID-19.

‘After rain comes a rainbow’: Great Barrington crosswalks sporting new colors

Town manager Mark Pruhenski said the rainbow symbol is widely believed to have been launched in Italy, appearing in communities from western Europe to the United States.

Town Hall Briefs: Fairview Hospital’s COVID-19 ‘surge’ plan; illegal parking at Monument Reservation; runners and cyclists take caution

But thankfully the surge never materialized. So Dr. Adrian Elliot urged those who would normally be seeking care at Fairview to return to that practice.

Parking lot imbroglio continues as selectboard debates and one official asks another to recuse herself

Other board members said it was clear to them after that first public hearing that the Foster's lot would be closed to the public if the company was denied the right to build the new lot for its tenants.

With recreational cannabis shops closed, why do liquor stores remain open?

The problem is that recreational sales account for the vast majority of revenue for stores, and since medical marijuana is not taxed, revenues to the state and the municipalities that host the stores have dried up during the shutdown.

Great Barrington Selectboard postpones town meeting, elections until June, extends tax payment deadline to June 1

Town moderator Michael Wise said he thought it was important that the budget be passed by Tuesday, June 30, even if the other items of the annual town meeting warrant were pushed aside until restrictions on large gatherings were lifted.

Alan Chartock: I Publius

"I saw Donald Trump on television saying that he wouldn’t wear a mask. Can you believe that guy? He calls himself a leader but we all know that he is a vain, shameful coward.” -- Murray Chartock

Construct, Lenox and GB offer emergency rental assistance during COVID-19 pandemic

Both housing trusts are allocating funds received from the local Community Preservation Act surcharge and granted to the trust in previous annual town meetings.

GB residents reminded to stay home, prevent further spread of COVID-19

“The only way we as a community can flatten this curve and prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus is to isolate as much as possible and respect the social distancing guidelines being shared widely,” added selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon.

BMC needs ventilators, as Neal assures county that help is on the way from the feds

Neal was eager to talk about the $2 trillion stimulus bill, which includes almost $900 billion to businesses small and large, $560 billion to individuals, almost $440 billion to state and local governments, and more than $153 billion to hospitals and "public health."

News Brief: Great Barrington officials request relief for commercial, residential tenants

The town will be discussing the possibility of delaying tax and license deadlines by an additional 30 days once approval is granted from the state.

Town of Great Barrington staying on top of COVID-19 situation

In a letter to the editor, Ed Abrahams writes, "It isn’t an easy or obvious task to weigh the risk of spreading the virus vs. real needs of the public (food, medical treatment, etc.)."

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