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CONNECTIONS: In America, truth has never gotten in the way of politics

Fomenting fear to drive policy is a political technique older than our country. It has never lost favor with the power hungry and never varied.

Holly Hamer for Great Barrington Selectboard

In his letter to the editor Patrick Hollenbeck writes: “Holly has the courage to stand behind tough decisions and has the wisdom to evolve her position if the facts warrant that.”

First Saturday Free Films opens with Nora Ephron documentary at Mason Library

“The mission of the Friends of the Library is, first of all, to bring people to the library.”

Ramsdell Library at risk — again

In her letter to the editor, Holly Hamer writes: “A sharp reduction in hours (with a jumbled schedule that a spelling bee champion couldn't remember) will hasten the demise of this venerable community beacon.”

Sally Holmes Atwood, 97, of Housatonic

Elected to the Great Barrington Library Trustees in 1960, she served for 24 years, the last three as chairman.

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