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CONNECTIONS: In America, truth has never gotten in the way of politics

Fomenting fear to drive policy is a political technique older than our country. It has never lost favor with the power hungry and never varied.

CONNECTIONS: Sowing seeds of terrorism at our border

There may also be disagreement about what to do with the children separated from their parents, but there may be another question worth answering: Are we creating a generation of terrorists?

CONNECTIONS: Is America becoming an oligarchy?

Today, 1 percent controls 90 percent of the wealth. Will there be an unstoppable shift away from democracy?

CONNECTIONS: Fake news, tool of the autocrat

We need to know what is real. The facts are the basis for good decisions. Our entire form of government ceases to work without real news.

CONNECTIONS: Democracy at risk

Voter suppression schemes target specific populations, generally nonwhites, and make it onerous or impossible to register, to get to the poll and cast a vote. Recent examples include the shenanigans in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.


Unresolved and never abandoned, it is the push-pull between the sides that make America what it is, make our politics what they have been.

CONNECTIONS: Bow Ties snarl; Big Tents fold

In a land far, far away, the two political parties skulked around the capital city calling each other names, playing dirty tricks, refraining from governing the nation in the name of party survival, and lying to the public about it. 

CONNECTIONS: Make America a democracy again

“Democracy is under assault and in retreat around the globe, a crisis that has intensified as America’s democratic standards erode at an accelerating pace.” -- Freedom House report

CONNECTIONS: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Celebrate true democracy: The Town Meeting

Whether considering hotels in Great Barrington, police contracts in Stockbridge, or formulas for school payments in Sheffield, the most important single issue is to protect the last of the direct democracies.

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