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DATELINE STOCKBRIDGE: On running for Stockbridge town moderator, a first step into politics

It sure does take a village to run one little campaign, and every kind word and helping hand was appreciated. Thank you.

GB planners eye zoning changes for Stockbridge Road; high vacancy rate seen as a product of ‘disruption’

The reality is that several businesses on that strip have closed in recent months, leading to the question of what replaces those businesses that have left and whether the current zoning is too restrictive to allow for a full range of replacements, including residential or mixed-use combinations.

Empty Sears appliance store purchased; Goodwill to move in by May

In an interview, Goodwill regional CEO David Twiggs said the Sears building will provide vastly expanded floor space and better access for customers and donors.

Business Briefs: MCLA wins in gender equality; new WAM Theatre board members; soft skills boot camp; banking award for Goewey

The report, titled “Women’s Power Gap in Higher Education,” examines the percentage of women enrolled at all Massachusetts public and private schools alongside the percentage of female college presidents, senior leadership and boards of trustees.

Bygone car dealership buildings find new uses

There are still 10 of these purpose-built showrooms in adaptive reuse in Great Barrington. They now house a variety of businesses.

Egremont Green News: Long-gone Rag-and-Bone Men are starting to look like heroes of the zero-waste movement

Foraging through garbage and picking through the houses and property of the dead, the rag-and-bone man became a figure for dark shadows and dead ends. So watch out for him on Halloween.

Alma Lee Rennie Schilling, 69, of Pittsfield

Alma had a love for music and for many years she was a member of the St. Mary’s Choir in Lee, St. Charles Choir in Pittsfield, Barbershop Quartet, singing in Harmony Inc.

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