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I WITNESS: The first annual ‘Profile in Hypocrisy’ award

The courageous understand the risk they take by telling the truth; cowards and hypocrites demonstrate a commitment to deception, even when the deception is both obvious and detrimental to everyone around them.

Poem: Dumb as a Rock

Allow me to suggest that you exhibit a collection of divots...

Egremont Country Club eyed for large solar array, causing great concern from neighbors

The commissioners emphasized that, at the moment, there is no proposal. And besides, their charge was a narrow one: to interpret and enforce the state Wetlands Protection Act. Further approvals would likely be the purview of the planning board.

POEMS: Grooming; Taps muted

Two poems about President Donald Trump: “Of him it can truly be said he is all bully and no pulpit.”

Richard I. Goodkind, 88, of South Egremont, Massachusetts: March 5, 1927-November 12, 2015

Richard was a three-time member of Northwestern’s Big 10 Champion Tennis teams. Richard “bled purple” throughout his life as a devoted alumnus.

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