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CAPITAL IDEAS: Is the stock market riding on the outcome of the presidential election?

Even though it often feels like everything is riding on the outcome of the election, history reminds us that, over the long term, election results have not driven market results.

In stinging lawsuit, longtime SBRSD dean alleges ‘workplace retaliation’ for son’s advocacy

According to the complaint, Kurt DeGrenier had voiced concerns that his son, now in 10th grade at Mount Everett, was not receiving the services and accommodations set forth in his individualized educational program, a plan developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability receives specialized instruction and related services.

In the aftermath of tragedy, Monument reaches out to Southern Berkshire

Valerie Zantay, who taught previously at Mount Everett Regional School, collected some delicious edibles along with handwritten notes signed by dozens of Monument staff expressing solidarity and sympathy for their colleagues in Sheffield.

Local physician, addiction specialist: Drugs, alcohol permanently impair teen brains

“It takes 25 years for a young person’s brain to fully wire for habits, likes, dislikes and skills. This is when those habits develop that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.” --Dr. Jennifer Michaels

News Brief: Dr. Jennifer Michaels to give presentation on ‘Opioids, Alcohol and Weed: What Parents Need to Know’

Dr. Jennifer Michaels, the Brien Center’s medical director, will talk about the impact of substances on the developing brain.

Southern Berkshire School District to appeal DOE downgrade  

“We should be celebrating the fact that when they get to high school, our students are leading the pack. Teachers do above and beyond. It’s not about a damn test; it’s about the kids.” --- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member Charlie Flynn

South Berkshire parents alerted to attempted child abduction

The incident happened about 3:30 p.m., Thursday September 18, on Norfolk Road in New Marlborough as an 11-year-old boy walked home from school. -- Berkshire County District Attorney's Office

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