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Part 2: Biden or Trump and the Nonprofit Sector NGOs, international nonprofits and social service agencies

The author makes an impassioned case for the nonprofit sector to recognize the dire outcome of another Trump term and to take action.

Edward Morehouse Sr., 88, of Great Barrington, former GB selectman

Ed loved Great Barrington and was very active in the civic life of the community. In 1982 he was elected to the board of selectmen and remained a selectman until 2002.

Harry J. Stuart, 75, of Lenox and Saranac Lake, N.Y.

Two years later, he and Tim Doherty were partners in Doherty & Stuart PC; a partnership that continued for 40 years until the unexpected retirement of his partner in early 2018.

Donald Rochelo, 83, of Suwanee, Ga., formerly of Adams and North Adams

Donald loved country line dancing with his wife, and both were members of the Country Line Dancers and Berkshire Line Dancers.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Uninhabitable Earth,’ a grisly, sobering look at climate change

“It is worse, much worse, than you think. The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn’t happening at all …”

Clara Burns, 94, of Lee

Clara then worked for Western Wire, Bombardier East and eventually retired from the Lee National Bank.

Shakespeare & Company’s Tina Packer honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Tina Packer is a force of nature," said Guy Roberts, Founding Artistic Director of the Prague Shakespeare Company (PSC). “She has influenced and inspired generations of theatre makers and theatre goers. I can think of a no better ambassador for Shakespeare..." -- Guy Roberts, Founding Artistic Director of the Prague Shakespeare Company.

CONNECTIONS: Democracy at risk

Voter suppression schemes target specific populations, generally nonwhites, and make it onerous or impossible to register, to get to the poll and cast a vote. Recent examples include the shenanigans in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.

LEONARD QUART: A momentous election

One result of the election is that the country is even more divided between rural and suburban, big-city America—not so different than Europe where right wing parties have their support in small towns and rural areas outside cities like Warsaw, Berlin and Budapest.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: The Russians and more Russians

Thanks to special counsel Mueller’s July 13, 2018, indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, we’ve learned in excruciating detail about the extensive hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and cyberattacks on the boards of elections of various states, and companies that supply software and other technology related to the administration of U.S. elections.

As young as one

Recently, our attention has been split by the plight of the Thai boys trapped in the cave, and the bizarre behavior of President Trump in Brussels, the United Kingdom and Helsinki. And yet there are thousands of parents and children trapped in a kind of hell, waiting to find each other.

Robert McNinch, 76, of Lenox, longtime owner and operator of Eastover Resort

In addition to his role at Eastover, Bob also served as a director of the former Lenox National Bank in Lenox, 22 years on Lenox Zoning Board, president and board member of Porchlight VNA, a proud member of Unico, and active member of the Church on the Hill.

Monument graduate Liam Forland’s ‘Let’s Talk About It!’ — Facing up to racism

“The impact that [Liam] has had on the kids is truly remarkable. They have grown tremendously as young men and learned so much about themselves and the world around them." -- Monument Valley Regional Middle School educator Kim Cormier

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Michael Cohen – the early years

Since we’re working our smoke-signal way through the supporting cast the president has surrounded himself with, it’s probably a good time to get to know the president’s private attorney. And because of the recent raid on his offices and the seizure of a massive amount of documents and some recordings, Michael Cohen’s importance in the Russian Affair and the Neverending Obstruction looms even larger.

James Welch, 89, of Salisbury, Conn.

After his honorable discharge from the Coast Guard, Jim returned to Great Barrington and was employed by the New England Electric System (now National Grid), remaining there as the store's manager for 35 years and retiring in 1989.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Fruitful thoughts

Growing fruit is an unpredictable business with bumper crops (where does this term come from?) often followed by less productive seasons.

Rev. William H. Grady, 80, of Ashley Falls, Mass.

Some of William's stories of growing up in Georgia and learning to read and write later in life can be heard at the national archives.

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