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‘We will rebound’: Storm cuts annual Relay for Life event short

“At some point, looking back at what happened with the storm, you have to say that this is how things go sometimes," Relay for Life organizer Ray Gardino told The Berkshire Edge. "But you know what? We will rebound. We will schedule these other parts of the event soon."

CONNECTIONS: Unpopular presidents

All five received mixed reviews, but possibly all presidents do. What they accomplished and how their terms were characterized varied.

CONNECTIONS: The presidential power grab

It appears that national emergencies were declared in time of war or when the emergency was clear to all, dire, and demanded immediate attention. The power grab was for a specific purpose and time-limited. 


Teachers come in all forms and I like to think no one is ever too old to learn.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Comey on Comey in ‘A Higher Loyalty’

Critical reviews of “A Higher Loyalty” are easy to find. Instead, I’m going to offer some excerpts many critics have neglected—reminiscences that reveal why James Comey has become the man he is, providing perspective about why he responded the way he did to the Clinton email investigation and the improper demands of Donald Trump.

In NY-19 race, Democratic candidates take shots at ‘empty suit’ Faso

Though its boundaries have shifted in recent years, NY-19 has been represented by a mix of Democrats and Republicans over the decades.

Youthful challenger races around NY-19 in bid to ‘repeal and replace’ Faso

Rhodes, who exudes the boyish charm one would expect from a guy who grew up on a Bruderhof farm in Ulster County and eventually found his way to Harvard Law School, saves his best shots for the man he wants to replace: first-term Republican Rep. John Faso.

CONNECTIONS: Another ‘critical’ presidential election

The election of 1856 did all three of the things: the membership of the extant party changed; one party was destroyed and another created, and exposed were the social and cultural conditions that produce a critical election.

Poem: Heck of a Job

Iraq’s guts are still steaming/in the dry, hot air of a nation whose reconstituted army/ tends to run for its life when it faces an enemy,/ even though trained at great expense by the U.S. Army.

KALCHEIM: Why do Republicans like war?

There is no more menacing, hypocritical force in American politics today than the so-called “moderate” wing of the Republican Party establishment, and their love for all things war-related.

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