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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

Egremont bylaws need formatting update

In a letter to the editor, T.R. Berkel writes, "The reason for having these bylaws looked at was to check if they were ready for our changing world."

Egremont selectman offers his choices for School Committee

In his letter George McGurn writes: “We want to give parents and community members a reason to engage, not disengage. Bright, energetic, serious, working people are stepping forward.”

The signs were everywhere: Egremont finally ‘ditches’ Charter

"No corporation enters into a sophisticated agreement with the Commonwealth and doesn't do due diligence on make-ready ... They want more money? At what point could that happen again?" -- Attorney Bill Solomon

Egremont’s 243rd birthday celebrates school restoration

The Egremont Historical Commission thought it fitting to give the school’s new teacher a piece of 100-year-old chalk found in the walls of the Egremont Village School to start her off.

Egremont to partner with Construct Inc. on affordable housing development

There will be two articles on the special town meeting warrant related to the affordable housing plan: one that would "create low and moderate income housing to be located on town property at 175 Egremont Plain Road"; and another that appropriates $640,000 for construction.

Egremont’s ‘flying school’ to land next week, open its doors to students in August

"We're moving forward and expect to be ready for children well before the school year, if not sooner." -- Bruce Turner, chair, Egremont Board of Selectmen

Egremont gives itself a birthday party, and promotes civic awareness

“In our system, the authority of the government goes to those who show up. And right now, our nation, our region, and our towns are at a crossroads. We need everyone to show up. And it’s not laziness or a shirking of civic responsibility. Often, we just have no clue how or where to begin." -- Susan Bachelder, Egremont Historical Commission, opening the 242nd town birthday celebration

State approves grants to four Berkshire towns for badly needed broadband

As part of its Last Mile initiative, MBI will provide Charter with a grant of more than $4.4 million to defray the costs of wiring the rural towns of Egremont, Tyringham, Hancock and Peru. State Rep. Pignatelli also noted that Egremont and perhaps Monterey will have a 1 Gbps connection through Fiber Connect, 12 times faster than what Charter offers in Great Barrington.

SBRSD settles lawsuit; Egremont school’s future remains uncertain

After meeting separately in closed-door sessions on Monday, the Egremont Board of Selectmen and the regional school committee agreed to a settlement that would suspend operations at the South Egremont School for 2017-18.

School Committee chairman’s closed-door meeting with district selectmen addresses village school dispute, rejected budget

The latest move by the school committee was to hold a closed-door meeting of invited guests Tuesday morning in the Eagle's Loft meeting room at Mount Everett Regional School.

In with the new: McGurn ousts Flynn in Egremont; Moffat suffers double defeat in West Stockbridge

Flynn, a former member of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee who has become embroiled in a battle over whether to keep the South Egremont School open, lost by more than anyone expected to McGurn, a retired business school dean who has never held elected office in the town, by a margin of 343-112.

Egremont School more than ‘charming experience’

In his letter to the editor, Ralph Noveck writes: “It has been shown that kids exposed to this kind of small, nurturing environment [in Egremont Village School] do better when they graduate to elementary and high school.”

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