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In its first month, Sheffield’s new locally sourced ice cream shop, Modern Milk Bar, has caught on fast

Traditional, good-quality ice cream made from local, real-food ingredients is the vision of Modern Milk Bar.

Stockbridge town meeting adopts $6.3 million budget; Cardillo wins seat on Board of Selectmen

Five-term Selectman Deborah McMenamy, a determined advocate for new Police Chief Robert Eaton and his style of running the department, was defeated in her quest for a sixth term. Her opponent, Ernest Cardillo, who campaigned as “the voice of the people,” won the 3-year term on the Board of Selectmen by a margin of 52 votes, 334 to 282.

Smooth sailing for Elm Court resort at Lenox ZBA hearing

"Gilded Age estates are the Berkshires. They are the distinguishing characteristic of our region, like the great country homes of England." -- Laurie Norton Moffatt, Director and CEO of the Norman Rockwell Museum "Restoring Elm Court in this way is like embalming a corpse. It's a trade off, more than a fair trade." -- Gregory Whitehead, speaking for the Old Stockbridge Road Neighborhood Association

Connections: Corporations gilding the preservation lily

The return of the Gilded Age: Right now the 80-acre Southmayd estate on the river in Stockbridge is for sale for $11.5 million. If a developer purchased the former cottage, and proposed a high density development, after approving Elm Court, on what basis could the Select Board turn down development of the precious Stockbridge Ox Bow?

Connections: Elm Court epitomized the (past) Gilded Age

'Elm Court…has become famous…as an example of what the progressive modern spirit, backed up by abundant capital, can accomplish.' -- Berkshire Resort Topics, 1904

Gilded Age loses its glitter in Stockbridge — for now

"Stockbridge is a model, small New England town, and we’ve maintained its character for 250 years. The intent of bylaws is to save these properties, but we don't want to be creating a Club Med North.” -- Stockbridge Planning Board member Eugene Talbot

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