OPINION: We are too great to hate

Difference enriches us and makes the world — and our country — a more interesting, vibrant, compassionate place. The United States, indeed, is built on that. We are also a nation that holds dear the concept of free speech — but threats and hateful words, whether violent or rhetorical, go beyond that concept. Free speech is a responsibility as much as a right.

EDGE WISE: Free speech trumps hate speech

What a month it’s been! In just the past couple of weeks, the Pope made a passionate argument underscoring the need for humans to respect not only other humans, but other species and all life on Earth, while the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of all Americans, no matter their sexual orientation, to civil

KALCHEIM: The French get patriotism right, but their political leaders don’t

The French seem to understand the true meaning of patriotism and nationalism rather more than we do. In times of crisis, we Americans tend to rally behind our political leaders in the name of American strength, America dominance, and America’s ability to exact revenge. The men and women marching in Paris seem less interested in the people who lead their state than in the political ideal that is the French Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – it is still plastered on government buildings all over France.