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Tri-Town Board of Health proposes fee hikes

The agency unanimously approved supporting a permanent home in Stockbridge's Town Hall.

The Coronavirus: How we got here

The ultimate test is a vaccine and a number have entered phase 1 trials, where they are tested for safety, dosage and the immune responses they provoke.

William Hilton Jr., 65, of Sheffield

An avid reader and collector of first-edition modern American books, Bill donated his exceptional library to the University of California, Santa Cruz in memory of his father, a like-minded bibliophile.

Great Barrington’s Laura Ingersoll Secord: Heroine or traitor?

At least a few residents of Great Barrington were aware of Laura Secord by the early 1900s. When the Ingersoll home was first moved and then torn down during the construction of the Mason Library, structural artifacts were removed and sent to Canada for a Laura Secord exhibit.

FilmColumbia: Exquisite ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ a complicated yet simple story of doomed lovers

The slow burn of their enveloping passion is beautifully done, a very tender love story.

FilmColumbia: Gorgeous, inspiring ‘Varda by Agnes’ highlights Varda’s joie de vivre

This autobiographical film is the best cinema studies course imaginable.

CONNECTIONS: ‘Edith Wharton in France,’ a new look at her life and legacy

The biography is something like a Wharton novel: Wharton emerges as a compelling character and the last two and a half decades of her life emerge as a compelling time.

‘It isn’t a word thing, it’s a dance thing’: Mark Morris delights at Jacob’s Pillow

The essence of Mark Morris’s art is ineffable, most emphatically not based on formulas and established narrative tropes. Rather, its genius is its ability to draw us in.

The Lolita Express vs. Team USA Express

Which is it, America? You’re making me dizzy! Where do you stand when it comes to your female half? Are we queens of the world or the shit under your shoes?

AT THE PILLOW: In celebration of the radical life and work of Merce Cunningham

Jacob's Pillow is celebrating the Merce Cunningham centennial with performances, talks, and festival-long digital and film exhibitions in the Doris Duke Theatre and Blake’s Barn.

CONNECTIONS: Tall tales from afar

There are stories from foreign lands and, much like our own, some are true, some are wildly and obviously untrue, and others apocryphal.

A matter of philanthropy – or vanity

Kids’ welfare ought to be our first, second, third and fourth philanthropic priorities and when the kids are all set with food, shelter, loving adults and good schools, then we may turn our attention to the adults, and then to the animals.

American in Paris: Notre Dame is burning

So many lives and beloved monuments have been lost in the violence of warfare and colonialism, and these losses were never honored.

POEM: The Homeless of Paris

A poem mourning the loss of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

Patricia Maggio, 89, of South Egremont

Pat worked for many years as an interior decorator for the NYC based family firm of J.P. Maggio Design Associates. Her projects ranged from stately brownstones to Manhattan penthouses.

John Heffernan, 84, of Monterey

He spent many hours in retirement woodworking and building rock walls. Many are the recipients of his bread boards, tables, birdhouses and window mirrors.

‘More than just travel’: SBRSD takes global education program to the next level

The idea is to bring foreign students to enrich the experiences of current students at Mount Everett and, in the process, provide needed revenue to the school district and ultimately help boost district enrollments which have been dropping throughout the county.

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