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Part 2: Biden or Trump and the Nonprofit Sector NGOs, international nonprofits and social service agencies

The author makes an impassioned case for the nonprofit sector to recognize the dire outcome of another Trump term and to take action.

Gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez pledges to stop expansion of gas pipelines, urges investment in renewable energy

When asked about one of the biggest, and longest running, environmental issues in the Berkshires—cleaning up the Housatonic River from PCB pollution dumped decades ago by General Electric—Gonzalez said he agrees with local communities and the EPA that the toxins should be “safely disposed offsite.”

News Brief: Faith leaders confront Gov. Baker over climate change

The coalition of faith leaders had previously written a letter to the governor requesting a meeting to discuss the values that lead them to oppose construction of all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the Bay State.

News Briefs: Galvin calls for automatic voter registration; Senate passes civics, financial literacy curricula; faith leaders to press Baker for climate action

More than 50 faith leaders and supporters representing at least 15 different faith traditions will confront Gov. Charlie Baker Monday, March 26, at the Statehouse about his refusal to meet with them regarding their concerns over climate change.

News Briefs: Protestors at pipeline sit-in charged with trespassing; Great Barrington to participate in clean heating program; Farley Bouvier secures funds for Pittsfield parking...

HeatSmart Mass is a community-based education and group purchasing program for clean heating and cooling technologies, which, via a $9,000 grant, will enable Great Barrington to reduce its carbon emissions.

EDGECAST VIDEO: Sandisfield pipeline protest at TD Bank

"We demand TD Bank stop using our money to fund tar sands pipelines that our communities and planet cannot afford. We call on our neighbors, elected officials, and pension managers to close all accounts with TD Bank unless they immediately stop financing tar sands pipelines." -- Divest the Globe statement

The viable alternative to fossil fuels is using less energy

In her letter to the editor, Virginia Irvine of Windwise Massachusetts writes: "Encouraging the replacement of old energy-hog refrigerators for one-half of the households in Massachusetts could generate a substantial savings in electricity use."

At clean energy tour, dialogue dominated by wind turbine opponents airing grievances

In the spotlight, State Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Pacheco kept his cool as, one by one, residents stood up to complain about the sound pollution and visual impact of wind turbines.

Our food supply’s unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels

In his letter to the editor, Dennis Irvine writes: “Establish, encourage and empower farming and food transport that reduces or eliminates fossil fuel use.”

Divesting from fossil fuel companies: Its effect on personal investments

Fossil Fuel Divestment for Everyone: A Forum on Divestment and Sustainable Reinvestment will be held on Saturday, May 21, from 10 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. at the Ralph Froio Senior Center in Pittsfield, Mass.

Kinder Morgan pipeline project scorns state constitution, could set precedent  

“This is a case of a forest of clean air machines being literally traded for the transmission of fossil fuels. Not a step in the right direction.” -- Arborist Tom Ingersoll, on the Kinder Morgan proposal to cut a swathe through protected old-growth forests in Sandisfield to build a natural gas pipeline extension to Connecticut

EDGEWISE: Somewhere over the rainbow, a sustainable future

Maybe all the rainbows we’ve been seeing lately have a message for us about the pots of gold, both real and metaphorical, that await us on the other side of the storm of climate change.

Fossil fuel divestment movement attempts to gain steam – at Harvard, Williams  

“In the face of the climate crisis Harvard is profiting from the same companies that are actively undermining the scientific knowledge being generated from within the Harvard community.” -- Kelsey Wirth, co-founder of the group Mothers Out Front

Part II: The fracking quandary: More fossil fuels, little environmental oversight

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 specifically exempts oil and gas hydrofracking from the Act under the provisions of the Halliburton Amendment, so-named because Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, and, in 2005, Chairman of the National Energy Policy Development Group, advocated the amendment. Under its terms, EPA is barred from regulating any activities associated with well construction, fluids injected undergound into the drilling well, and other activities at the wellpad.

Massachusetts activists call for end to fossil fuel investments

“I think you owe it to us, you owe it to Generation Y, Generation Z, whatever, Generation Omega, you owe it to all the young generations to divest from fossil fuels. You started it, and now you’ve got to help us, because you know what, I want to live to see 50.” -- Nathan Tran-Trinh, a student at Boston Latin School.

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