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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Alan Chartock: The doctor is in

Just because you’d like it doesn’t mean it will happen. It will not. If it did, you would have to figure out how to placate those little states that make out like bandits because of the Electoral College and the undue influence that it gives to them.

LEONARD QUART: Embracing a city in purgatory

However, though I am not an optimist by nature, I know once the plague ceases, life in the city will be irreparably changed.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 32: An artist’s eye in Manhattan

The cityscape is teeming with yearning, scurrying life seeking opportunities of their own.

The Sandwich Board Man at the Corner of Bolsonaro and Fifth

and the heat underfoot is getting hotter, as if the street’s on fire, and nobody can put it out

‘Eclipse of the Sun,’ a painting for our time, perhaps a glimpse into the future

What struck me was the fierce angry truth of this hundred-year-old painting -- nothing remote about it in the Trumpian era.

LEONARD QUART: Bryant Park, an urban oasis

I often stopped there for a latte from one of its kiosks, or just sat there either reading the Times or observing people before class.

LEONARD QUART: A day in Central Park

I like the way the city and Central Park interact — the feeling that one can find both seclusion and peace as well as communal excitement.

CONNECTIONS: Coaching and driving in the Gilded Age

During the Gilded Age, the equipage, the livery and the horses as well as the skill in driving were sources of great pride. A local newspaper even gave a whole column for the length of the page to recounting the teams and mounts of local cottagers.

LEONARD QUART: What do we do tomorrow?

For me it's not a protest against the legitimacy of the election but against a compulsive liar of a president who feels morally odious.

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