FERC to Kinder Morgan: ‘Sandisfield pipeline? Not so fast.’

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is now requiring, among other things, clarification “that Tennessee would not fell trees in areas where it has not obtained an easement or purchase of property…including lands protected under Article 97 of the Massachusetts State Constitution.”

“This is very exciting news. While very few people see the need for this gas line, all that we have ever asked of Kinder Morgan and FERC is to follow the process, be open and be fair to this beautiful community of 800 residents.”
— State Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli

Atty. Gen. Maura Healey warns pipeline giant Kinder Morgan to respect state Constitution

“The purchase of this spectacular property [Otis State Forest] ensures its lasting protection and is an example of our prudent investment in the Commonwealth’s rare and irreplaceable natural resources.”

— Gov. Deval Patrick, in 2007

“We’ve been FERC’ed!”

— Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli, upon learning that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had approved a Tennessee Gas Pipeline route through the protected lands of Otis State Forest in March of 2016