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It seems this week has all the important gardening tasks scheduled for early morning.

Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington speaks out on criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization

"As a parent, and someone who’s worked with young people who are at risk, I’m very concerned with how we protect young people from marijuana. We know that marijuana is devastating for developing brains. If your kids get drunk before school, you’re going to notice. But if they’re smoking marijuana, it’s a lot harder to tell." --Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dopesick’ is a personal look at the opioid epidemic

“Dopesick” is about a drug that was sold as non-addictive, but is so incredibly addictive it is almost impossible to kick. It kills more Americans than the wars we are fighting.


Clearly we have a problem with addiction in this country, but we also have a problem with pain management. Living in constant pain can destroy a person.

Beyond addiction: Coalition offers training program for parents of teens at risk

The Railroad Street Youth Project’s South Berkshire Community Health Coalition is partnering with the Center for Motivation and Change in New Marlborough on a three-part training for parents who are concerned about their child’s drug and/or alcohol use.

News Briefs: Bill to study Boston-to-Berkshires rail service; Opioid-related death rate falls

This is the third consecutive quarterly report in which the number of estimated and confirmed opioid-related deaths has declined.

Great Barrington Police charge Housatonic man with drug distribution

After Ethan Morris, 18, of Housatonic, provided officers with several Xanax pills, he was placed under arrest.

Start Talking    

No matter what action is taken to treat drug abuse what must happen first is that a dialogue has to begin. We have to talk.

News Briefs: Health officials release quarterly report on opioid overdose deaths

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health's first quarterly opioid report of 2017 showed an increase in opioid-related overdose deaths attributed to fentanyl and declines in the presence of heroin and prescription opioids in opioid-related deaths.

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