Monday, June 17, 2024

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Part 2: Biden or Trump and the Nonprofit Sector NGOs, international nonprofits and social service agencies

The author makes an impassioned case for the nonprofit sector to recognize the dire outcome of another Trump term and to take action.


Not that she approaches school dances in the same manner as I or my friends did at her age—we used to get dolled up, experiment with make-up and nail polish, and hope to meet boys.

Amplifications: Women’s rights are human rights

Women are still not protected by the Constitution. The Equal Rights Amendment has never passed.

EDGE WISE: Peering beneath the mask of masculinity

The film, ‘The Mask You Live In,’ establishes clear connections between what one expert called “the pandemic of violence in America” and the repressed anger and hurt of boys and young men, as well as a narrow definition of masculinity that equates “being a man” with physical force, sexual conquest, and economic success.

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