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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

500,000 gallons of contaminated water produced while testing Sandisfield pipeline; decontamination fails

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. was left with highly contaminated water that the company had not expected – and a big disposal problem.

An energetic U.S. Sen. Markey talks taxes, guns, nukes and suing FERC

Markey cited solar and wind power as future drivers of the economy and he questioned why the Trump administration did not see it as a source of jobs for unemployed workers, especially the blue-collar workers Trump purports to represent.

More arrests in Otis State Forest as Standing Rock demonstrators join pipeline protest

At the Lower Spectacle Pond picnic area, about 80 people gathered at 10 a.m. to not only protest the pipeline but support "the need for solidarity against fossil fuel infrastructure across the country," said a Sugar Shack Alliance spokesperson.

Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC and says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

State Sen. Adam Hinds: "If anybody's learned anything from this election, it's that elections have consequences – serious policy consequences. They are absolutely gutting the EPA at a rate that even the most pessimistic person would be surprised about right now." Hinds was also sharply critical of the state in allowing the pipeline project to move through the Otis State Forest, which is state-owned land ostensibly protected from development.

Did pipeline protesters trespass? Lawyers disagree on definition

Since the activists did not enter a building, boat or vehicle, the state must prove that the protesters entered "improved or enclosed land."

In the Sandisfield woods, a testament to Thoreau stares down those who cut and blast

Sitting right next to the existing right-of-way being widened aggressively by Tennessee Gas Company is a "Thoreau Cabin," so named for American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau, who wrote the famous essay on civil disobedience.

Connecticut Expansion Pipeline: Don’t blame the company

Following nearly four years of struggle against a powerful company (Kinder Morgan and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline) backed by laws and a Federal commission, it seems that now is an appropriate point to judge performances of the various participants and agencies that could have made more of a difference to avoid this calamity.

State did not abandoned protected state forests

If the Otis State Forest case had gone to a higher court and lost, that would establish precedent for the entire state.

Vowing to be heard in court, pipeline protesters disappointed in judge’s leniency

"This is obviously fear of a trial. We want our day in court to talk about both the immorality and illegality of what's going on ... we want a trial." --- Vivienne Simon of the Sugar Shack Alliance

News Briefs: Tribal Historic Preservation Office requests rehearing; Acupuncture Day at the State House; all-electronic tolling update

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission not only failed to engage in meaningful consultations with the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office, it also delayed studying the cultural resources until it was too late to protect them.

State looked the other way as chainsaws make way for pipeline in protected forest

So where were the Massachusetts officials who could have negotiated with Connecticut to save Otis State Forest because the gas wasn’t really needed after all?

Otis State Forest pipeline protesters arrested and charged by State Police

"In the face of ongoing climate change, it is crystal clear that [our] responsibility [to protect the earth] requires us to reject all fossil fuel infrastructure construction, no matter how small or large the project may be." -- Irvine Sobleman of Northampton, a member of the Sugar Shack Alliance

Peaceful protesters rally in Otis State Forest pipeline protest

Dozens of State Police troopers and private security guards hired by Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a subsidiary of energy giant Kinder Morgan, stood watch.

FERC asked to revoke permit for pipeline through Otis State Forest

Congressman Richard Neal has demanded that decisions made by FERC regarding the Connecticut Expansion Project be deferred until a quorum of FERC commissioners is reached and all vacant FERC commissioner seats are filled: “It is my belief that the rehearing [on the permit] should occur before a single tree is cleared and construction on this project commences.”

FERC deals a blow to pipeline opponents, but some options remain

Is there a significant need for natural gas in Connecticut to cause Tennessee to proceed [with the pipeline] despite the fervent opposition? The answer appears to be “not anymore.”

News Briefs: Ceremonial sites in pipeline path; Helen Moon announces candidacy for City Council, Ward 1

According to deputy tribal historic preservation officer Doug Harris, one-third of the ceremonial stone landscapes will be disturbed or destroyed during the construction of the pipeline.

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