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Great Barrington’s Board of Health on Housatonic Water Works: ‘We are not the specific regulator for the water supply’

“The Board of Health is responsible for all health-related issues in Great Barrington,” said Board of Health Chair Michael Lanoue. “But the devil is always in the details. When you get into a public water supply, we are not the specific regulatory authority."

CAPITAL IDEAS: Maybe you’ll get Social Security after all

Without changes, the Social Security Administration projects that its trust fund will be insolvent by 2035.

CAPITAL IDEAS: What I did on my summer vacation

Dalton -- My bride, Stacey, and I spent last week in Lake George, New York. It’s become an annual pilgrimage of ours, which came...

CAPITAL IDEAS: Vive la resistance!

Still, for many investors, significant concerns remain. Some fear that the advance has been nothing more than a rally in a bear market and the Christmas Eve lows will be revisited. Others fear that stock prices have gone “too far, too fast” and now the market is vulnerable to familiar headwinds such as trade talks, slowing earnings growth rates, a government shutdown, or any other of the recent favorites.

CAPITAL IDEAS: You Brexit, you buy it

This is not going to go well, and the ripple will affect global economies, including the U.S. firms that are growing more skittish about our own economy.

REVIEW: ‘The Plot to Hack America,’ the untold war on American soil

We are used to the images of war: bombs and bullets and blood. But Nance knows what many Americans are unwilling to recognize: We are at war and this war is being fought on our land.

COMMENTARY: The New Terrorism

The reasons for the decision in the British Isles is what troubles me most since it could happen here in the United States. Scratch that. It is happening here.

POEM: Anonymous concrete

British-born poet and artist John Lawson expresses his reaction to this week's Brexit vote to have England leave the European Union.

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