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Celebrate Juneteenth with ‘Black Barbie’

The Netflix documentary directed by Lagueria Davis drops today.

Skorput defeated in bid to return to West Stockbridge Select Board

Voters also approved by a margin of 263-70 a measure that allows West Stockbridge to adopt the Community Preservation Act, a voluntary state law that allows municipalities to fund projects that support open space preservation, affordable housing, historic preservation and the creation of recreational resources.

Forced out as fire chief, fined by state ethics panel, Skorput seeks to reclaim seat on select board

In the last 12 months, some of the board's meetings have been standing-room-only and the manners among some attendees have been anything but mild.

Stuck-at-Home Handbook — Installment #5

Installment #5: If your kid won't sit still to read, podcasts may be the answer. Author Sheela Clary talks with internationally known children's podcast producers who live here in West Stockbridge. Would you share your own experiences? Please send them to Sheela.

West Stockbridge fire chief forced out in wake of ethics violations and departmental ‘dysfunction’

After the motion to place him on leave passed, Skorput resigned and walked angrily out of the meeting room in Town Hall, followed by other fire department members and supporters.

West Stockbridge fire chief pays $5,000 fine for ‘multiple conflict-of-interest violations’

On multiple occasions, the commission found, Skorput violated a provision of the conflict of interest law that prohibits municipal employees from acting officially in matters involving their own financial interests or those of an immediate family member.

GB, South County Year in Review: Of mergers, bridges, cannabis and ‘blood money’

In the spirit of reflection and self-examination, herein lies The Edge's second annual Great Barrington year in review. It includes some select stories from other South County towns as well, along with embedded links to Edge stories for more information.

State ethics panel blasts West Stockbridge fire chief for ‘multiple conflict of interest violations’

Peter Skorput, fire chief and a former selectboard member, allegedly "committed multiple conflict of interest law violations, including setting stipends for himself, his daughter and his nephew; voting as a selectboard member to reappoint himself fire chief; and terminating a firefighter who had filed a complaint against him.”

Bits & Bytes: ‘Hold These Truths’; Berkshire Fermentation Festival; Juilliard String Quartet; ‘Inventing the Opera House’

The Berkshire Fermentation Festival will feature hourly demonstrations and talks on such topics as chocolate, cider, the gut microbiome and more.

Skateboarding Great Barrington teen struck in crosswalk

Witnesses told The Edge the teen was with a friend and hopped on his skateboard at the east end of the downtown crosswalk in front of the Fuel coffee shop.

EDITORIAL: West Stockbridge leads in publicly condemning hate, racism, white supremacy

The proclamation was not a call to action. It was simply a statement of the values of the town of West Stockbridge.

Selectman, West Stockbridge fire chief square off over leadership of department

At issue is a 2016 report that raised serious questions about management and finances in the 12-member fire department.

THEATRE REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s ‘Time Flies and Other Comedies’ is clever and entertaining

The wonderful collection of character actors assembled for this foray into absurdism keep the show moving along brilliantly with their costume and wig changes, a pointedly generous directorial overview, and their own characterizations.

Eric Shimelonis for West Stockbridge Selectman

In her letter Carol Kuller writes: “It is clear that he will govern through consensus and inclusion, giving everyone more of a voice in their local government.”

West Stockbridge couple produce children’s podcast encouraging imagination rather than ‘screen time’

What they have stumbled upon, as new parents themselves, is “a great alternative to screen time,” according to Sheir. One that, in short, lets the kids imagine the dragon.

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