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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on Refill GB—a mission-based shop with a welcoming vibe (and zero plastic!)

Founded three years ago by Berkshire native Jamie McCormack, this charming Great Barrington retail space helps you make better choices for your health and the planet.

Lee residents lambast General Electric over cleanup transportation plan shortcomings

Housatonic Railroad Company offers a glimmer of hope for those advocating for the use of rail to transport PCB-laden material to the UDF in Lee.

Lenox approves disbursement of Rest of River reserve funds

“We certainly don’t want to be the last town to move forward with this; we want to act on this as soon as possible,” Town Manager Christopher Ketchum said.

The unacceptable compromise

The fact is our region of the EPA has demonstrated its bias towards landfilling and once again will allow yet another massive PCB-dump in Berkshire County. That a handful of local officials have substituted their limited judgment for the desires of an entire diverse community is a travesty.

It’s Not That Simple: The Housatonic River Clean Up, Part 3

"We’ll have to see what happens with the signed settlement. We can’t rest easy just yet. We hope there are not going to be any appeals. We hope EPA moves forward to issue a new permit based on the settlement agreement.” -- Great Barrington Town Manager and Director of Planning & Community Development Chris Rembold

Town scores half a million from feds for clean-up of polluted Ried Cleaners property

Town planner Chris Rembold told The Edge that the assessment work under the previous grant would be completed at the end of this calendar year, and clean-up work under the EPA grant will begin next year.

It’s Not That Simple: The Housatonic River cleanup, Part 2

“There is no failsafe technology. In fact, we think the best technology for this level of PCBs is landfilling, because if we use one of these other technologies we might knock it down from 20 ppm to 5 ppm, or even 1 ppm, it still needs to be put somewhere. You still need a landfill.” -- Bryan Olson, director of the Superfund and Emergency Management Division of the Environmental Protection Agency


Never mind that poisoning the air will only add to the suffering of people with respiratory trauma due to the virus.

It’s Not That Simple: The Housatonic River cleanup, Part 1

For more than three decades, the EPA has been negotiating with GE toward a goal of cleaning up the Housatonic River. The Rest of River settlement is the latest attempt at fulfilling that goal.

Selectboard to allow citizens to weigh in at town meeting on controversial GE-EPA settlement

The only way for the item calling for withdrawal to be placed on the warrant is for the selectmen to put it there, even though they were the ones who signed the settlement on behalf of the town in the first place.

Parties wearily embrace Housatonic River remediation settlement

The parties know that this cleanup could be better, but they have balanced the waste reduction improvement, the monetary compensation and expeditious start of cleanup against the risks of continued litigation.

PCB removal pact sparks anger and dismay at EPA, towns

Opponents of the recent settlement between General Electric, the Environmental Protection Agency and five South County towns to clean up PCBs in the Housatonic River reveal plans to stop a planned PCB landfill in Lee.

Alan Chartock: I Publius — a bad PCB settlement deal

The settlement worked out by the Environmental Protection Administration is not exactly popular with those who are trying to save our world from catastrophe.

No Berkshires PCB dumps – period!

I am all for science and sadly EPA, in this fight, has proven they are only as good as the standards we hold them to. Let the EPA know there will not be a local dump, period.

Wetlands expert urges ban on use of Roundup weed killer

Efforts to get the truth out about glyphosate has been stymied by tainted corporate research and by an Environmental Protection Agency that is "dysfunctional at best."

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

The rules are part of President Trump’s vast environmental deregulation agenda aimed largely at eliminating rules the fossil fuel industry finds burdensome.

Amid an atmosphere of mistrust, airport revives plan for more hangars

The airport proposes to construct six new hangars, while removing the existing clamshell hangar.

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