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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

CONNECTIONS: Reluctant revolutionaries

Moreover, the 13 Colonies wanted to be free and independent from the Crown but also from one another. Each looked upon itself as sovereign -- that is, independent.

CONNECTIONS: Life in a time of coronavirus

As shelves empty and everything closes, there is a lot to think about.

NATURE’S TURN: William Robinson’s grand kitchen garden and wild gardens at Gravetye Manor

Tom Coward observed that gardens serve to connect people to nature and vegetable gardens provide, perhaps, the ultimate connection.

LEONARD QUART: ‘Sorry We Missed You’ is Ken Loach’s version of the gig economy

Loach is one of the few directors who makes films depicting working class characters confronting oppressive labor conditions as well as indifferent unions and callous government bureaucracies.

Thomas Cole’s ‘Dream of Arcadia’ enchants at the Clark

Commissions rolled in and Thomas Cole was able to afford a summer studio in Catskill on the west bank of the Hudson (his home, a National Historic Site, is an hour’s drive due west of Great Barrington on Route 23).

‘Searching for the Moon’ unearths one woman’s journey of returning to her past

In the end, Amber Chand is able to see all of her life as a gift, even the challenges.

Bits & Bytes: BBG Winter Lecture; Tracy Grammer at Spencertown Academy; Runa at Dewey Hall; ‘The Ice Famine of 1919’

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a band, Runa continues to push the boundaries of Irish folk music into Americana and roots music formats.

In the wheelhouse of the Russell I

Hilary Russell weaves the tugboat history into a telling of his personal quest to learn more about his family

‘Friends for Life’: Teens in crisis and the healing power of friendship

“I think some people can acknowledge depression and talk about it. But for some people, they don't even know what's going on. And they’re having all these symptoms, but they don't know what it’s from, and they feel like no one else is feeling like they are." -- Miranda Hastings

Make Great Barrington more bicycle-friendly

In a letter to the editor, Caroline Feather writes, 'More people would want to cycle for transport and not just recreation were they not afraid of being killed or maimed by motor vehicles.'

Laurie McLeod, 63, of Stockbridge, dancer, writer and filmmaker

Laurie was the founder and longtime visionary of Victory Girl Productions, the Stockbridge-based home of her innovative choreography, filmmaking and writing work.

REVIEW: Shake & Co’s ‘The Children’ is engrossing and disarming

Characters prevail with a splendid trio of Shakespeare & Company veterans, who take on colloquial (and fully comprehensible) English accents.

THEATRE REVIEW: Shakespeare & Company’s ‘Twelfth Night’ rocks Tina Packer Playhouse

The laughter and fun of the finale of Twelfth Night is as spectacular as it is surprising, and we are immersed in joy, a joy that lingers.

‘Lucky Milo’ film to raise awareness of veterans’ lives after war

The filmmakers are embracing the full reality of what happened to Milo Imrie, and very much linking his death to the staggering suicide rate among veterans.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘I Give You My Word: Women’s Letters as Life Support, 1973-1987’

Throughout this heart-engaging collection, the letter writers hold up their love for each other. Whether they are exploring family life, career frustrations, or spiritual growth, every image is rooted in friendship.

John Burley, OBE, 83, of Lenox

He was an adventurous man, a great bon viveur and will be missed by his family and many friends around the world.

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