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Shooting in Pittsfield leaves two injured

Second shooting in Pittsfield in a week.

‘No Visible Bruises’ presentation to highlight the prevalence of violence against women

The book is ultimately a manifesto that turns a regressive notion about the causes of domestic violence on its head by illustrating domestic violence as a public health problem with solutions.

CONNECTIONS: Confronting sexual abuse

If you include the whole spectrum of sexual and physical abuse from causing discomfort to perpetrating assault, then every woman you know has suffered — your mother, sister, wife and lover — at one time and to some degree.

Through the ancient art of book-binding, Great Barrington artist Suzi Banks Baum teaches Armenian women to express themselves

t the end of the day, this is what Baum is inching these women toward: to stand in their Armenian-ness, to look at their neighbor as a safe person, and to recognize that in this practice — as a fellow artisan in this community — they can ask one another for help and feel part of something together.

Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington speaks out on criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization

"As a parent, and someone who’s worked with young people who are at risk, I’m very concerned with how we protect young people from marijuana. We know that marijuana is devastating for developing brains. If your kids get drunk before school, you’re going to notice. But if they’re smoking marijuana, it’s a lot harder to tell." --Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington

Breach of town ‘trust policy’ disputed after ICE arrest of immigrant

Great Barrington Police Chief Bill Walsh said his department "played a minimal role in this operation"; that he reported it to his boss, Town Manager Jennifer Tabakin, the next day; and that he responded to media inquiries on the incident.

On the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, local woman envisions a transitional home for women and children fleeing domestic...

Statewide there are over 8,900 calls per year on the domestic violence hotline asking for shelter. There are fewer than 26 shelters with just over 400 beds in the entire state of Massachusetts to accommodate these calls. 

Profiles in courage, cowardice and cluelessness: One woman’s reaction to watching the Ford hearing

At first, Dr. Ford seemed a familiar stranger, someone I might have taken classes with or lived near, someone I’d seen but not known—until she spoke, that is, and I knew her, because she was painting me a portrait of myself.

Bits & Bytes: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes; ‘Being Black in the Berkshires;’ Joachim Frank at Lenox Library; ‘Having Difficult Conversations’ workshop; Amanda...

A discussion of African-Americans’ Berkshires history and culture as well as the stories and voices not being told or heard, 'Being Black in the Berkshires' will remember the past, assess the present and plan for the future.

Harrington would eliminate bias in DA’s office

In her letter to the editor Alisa Costa writes: "Berkshire County has the lowest rate of prosecution of these crimes [domestic violence and sexual assault] in the state and the highest rate in the state."

A Harrington-led DA office would reduce domestic, sexual violence

Berkshire County's per capita restraining orders are 37 percent higher than the state average, and approximately one in three homicides are domestic violence homicides.

Harrington has the tenacity to achieve change

We continue to read the deaths of our children, relatives, friends and neighbors from the drug epedimic, escalating gun violence, and domestic violence and sexual assault at alarming rates.

CONNECTIONS: Sexual harassment, an American tradition

This is a backlash; this is pent-up demand, not for widgets, but for justice and respect.

Legislative pay raise is unwarranted, unethical

In her letter to the editor, Rachel Branch writes: "No one ought to be legislating better pay and benefits for themselves while being part of the outrageous conflict of interest."

Bits & Bytes: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®; OLLI art show; Robin F. Williams at Simon’s Rock; RSYP culinary apprenticeships; BPL calls for...

Railroad Street Youth Project's culinary apprenticeship program links youth with professional chefs who will teach them the skills they need for employment in the world of culinary arts.

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