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PETER MOST: Up in smoke

Two things are becoming increasingly clear. One, based on the facts and law, it is downright dopey for Great Barrington not to settle in its Community Impact Fees cases. Two, the town has persistently received bad counsel.

Alan Chartock: The ideal Democratic presidential candidate

Unlike Trump, Deval Patrick would appeal to the best in all of us rather than the worst.

Alan Chartock: I Publius

Frankly, I never wanted to get into this, but the issues here are so clear and the arrogance of the Great Barrington Selectboard majority is so great that I am doing what I have to do.

Alan Chartock: Letters to the doctor

Biden has not shown the enthusiasm that will be needed to dislodge Trump. Everything I have seen about Mike Bloomberg indicates that he is the man to do just that.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Winners Take All’ — The dangers of ‘doing well by doing good’

Instead of waiting to see where Zuckerberg and his fellow billionaires decide to bestow their riches next, how about we advocate to eliminate the myriad tax tricks so that there is more tax revenue to support public education.

Boston University Tanglewood Institute’s Summer Concert Series features talented, passionate young performers

The Boston University Tanglewood Institute is an eight-week program of the college to train musicians of middle and high school age by immersing them in the world of professional and deeply exciting music-making.

CONNECTIONS: Celebrating in film Mumbet’s yearning to be free — and equal

It was, in fact, the perfect introduction to the story of a woman who asked a simple question: Did the Sheffield Resolves, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts include her?

PREVIEW: Berkshire International Film Festival 2018 — 80 films from 27 countries in 4 days

I am still interested in the documentaries from war-torn areas of our globe and dramas of family strife, but there also needs to be some relief — some comic relief — and I think this festival successfully provides both.

The saga of Elizabeth ‘Mumbet’ Freeman, first slave to win her freedom in Massachusetts, being filmed in Sheffield

"Mumbet" is the inspirational true story of a woman who could neither read nor write, but whose simple eloquence poses the question of America’s purpose better than anyone. Mumbet was the first enslaved African-American to file and win a freedom suit in Massachusetts

Obamacare repeal: Berkshire residents oppose ‘cruel attempt to take us backwards’

Attendees were encouraged to wear black, dress as zombies and bring headstone-shaped signs to emphasize the danger the proposed healthcare bill embodies.

BRIEFS: Standout for LGBTQ rights; Race Amity Day community retreat

Race Amity Day recognizes that the people of the Commonwealth are its greatest asset and that the state is made up of multicultural, multi-ethnic and multiracial citizens.

Bits & Bytes: ‘Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington;’ ‘The Kabbalah of Bob Dylan;’ 1854 Town Hall benefit; 28,000 lbs. of food donated

'Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington' is set in 1915 and centers on an encounter between Du Bois and fellow NAACP co-founder Mary White Ovington.

State picks up pace with rural broadband, ‘ignores’ WiredWest’s efforts to lower costs

Great Barrington, partially served by cable, should get broadband downtown, something Town Manager Jennifer Tabakin has said she is working on. “Great Barrington is our business district. For the town to fulfill its potential, everyone in the business district needs fiber.” -- State Rep. William 'Smitty' Pignatelli

Anatomy of a pipeline decision: A scheme of ‘dubious’ legality

The general public has not been included in the development of energy projects, and in the words of the Conservation Law Foundation, “formulation of and negotiations around [energy] proposals have been conducted almost completely behind closed doors.”

Harvesting the sun, or how we ‘went solar’

I decided to investigate the solarize program launched by Gov. Deval Patrick and spearheaded locally by Malcolm Fick with the town’s Energy Committee as well as Juliette Haas of Egremont. Calculations showed that a free-standing structure with 20 photovoltaic panels would provide 100 percent of the electrical energy that we typically consumed.

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal on pipelines, PCBs, politics, and the Berkshire economy

The reason why natural gas costs so much more in New England than it does in Pennsylvania is that other states have made a commitment to building pipelines.

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