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CAPITAL IDEAS: Is the stock market riding on the outcome of the presidential election?

Even though it often feels like everything is riding on the outcome of the election, history reminds us that, over the long term, election results have not driven market results.

Student who wore Confederate flag prompts more soul searching at Monument

“I was told that we need to become a more inclusive and understanding community, and this incident confirms we have work to do. I assure you we have already begun and will continue to educate our youth about the horrors of hate and prejudice." -- MMRHS Principal Douglas Wine

State auditor cites Berkshire Hills in sweeping study of regional school districts

"While our state’s educational system is highly regarded throughout the country, our analysis found that the processes governing school regionalization and its funding are antiquated, and have not kept pace with the modern challenges facing communities." -- State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Anger at School Committee not a good reason to reject SBRSD budget again

All a rejected budget will do is cause more chaos and quite possible prompt the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to intervene.

At issue in Southern Berkshire: Are small schools worth keeping?

The superior experience most parents say their kids have in the very small schools has less to do with scale, and more to do with quality teaching and the right kind of leadership. -- Susan Engel, director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College, and a resident of New Marlborough

Southern Berkshire School Committee adopts same $16m budget, without funding 2 village schools

Quite apart from getting the budget passed before July 1 is the question of how to find the extra $52,000 to restore transportation to New Marlborough Central School for next year.

State needs to reform ‘dysfunctional’ school funding laws

In his letter to the editor, Chip Elitzer writes: “A Massachusetts Education Finance Reform bill that would fix dysfunctional aspects of current laws and put all of the Commonwealth's regional school districts on a sounder financial footing.”

State revokes Eagleton School licenses; school to shut down

The “Order to Protect Children” that will revoke the private school’s residential group care licenses noted that since sanctions were imposed on the school on February 17, Early Education and Care (EEC) learned of numerous violations of the sanctions, including more abuse and neglect.

Eagleton officials defend integrity of school programs, promise investigation of alleged abuse

“All across America, there is a hole in health care for these kids who have emotional and behavioral disabilities. This school is a model of how they can and should be cared for.” -- Mufa, parent of student at the Eagleton School

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