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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on Refill GB—a mission-based shop with a welcoming vibe (and zero plastic!)

Founded three years ago by Berkshire native Jamie McCormack, this charming Great Barrington retail space helps you make better choices for your health and the planet.

Alan Chartock: Liar in chief

Is there really anyone out there who would put it past Trump to try to save himself with a coup of one kind or another?

CAPITAL IDEAS: Less bad, but still bad

The improvement from bad to less bad and the better-than-expected economic data does not mean that we’re out of the woods yet. Things still suck.

Alan Chartock: Swimming upstream

It’s pretty plain to me that Cuomo can be taken at his word that he is not interested in the presidency this time around. But Andrew Cuomo isn’t governor because he has no ambition.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Hong Kong Phooey

Stop. Stop it. For the love of all that is holy, stop saying that there will be a V-shaped recovery coming out of this recession.

Alan Chartock: The doctor and the governor

The future of this country may now be in Cuomo's hands depending on how things break. I can respect him and still disagree with some of what he does.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Fewer hedges, more health care

The coronavirus aside, the stock market typically does its best when the economy is moving from “very bad” to “less bad.”

Alan Chartock: The doctor is in

Just because you’d like it doesn’t mean it will happen. It will not. If it did, you would have to figure out how to placate those little states that make out like bandits because of the Electoral College and the undue influence that it gives to them.

Alan Chartock: Upstate vs. downstate

There’s New York City and there’s upstate New York. From what I can figure, Yonkers is where upstate starts. This is just another example...

Alan Chartock: The presidential noncandidate

I can’t tell you how much mail I am getting telling me that people “love” Andrew and want him to run for president.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘A Very Stable Genius’ — not

In retrospect, humiliating Sessions seems petty compared to reassuring the American public that anyone can get a test whenever they need for a virus that can kill them, when, in fact, they can’t get a test because this very stable genius had already presided over the mass firing of the very people who know most about viruses, and had already cut the budgets of every agency we’d normally rely on to combat the disease.

Alan Chartock: Democracy in decline

I have no doubt that some judges will do just about anything to please Trump.

Alan Chartock: Passing the coronavirus buck

This all proves that when something as dangerous as COVID-19 comes along, politics begin to resemble an octopus with tentacles reaching all over the place.

Alan Chartock: What to do about Bernie

I truly understand why so many Democrats favor Bernie. Their hatred of Donald Trump is so great that they are reaching for the strongest antidote they can find.

News Brief: Great Barrington to elect delegates to state democratic convention

The town of Great Barrington can send six delegates and four alternates to the convention.

Voters should focus on more than just electability

In a letter to the editor, Sharon Coleman writes, "In choosing our next president, let’s stand up firmly for strength of character and democratic values."

Alan Chartock: Bloomberg can beat Trump

Bloomberg has assembled the best of the best to push his candidacy. He will do what he has to in order to win.

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