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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

NEWS ANALYSIS: At SBRSD, lawsuits, law-breaking and embattled administrators

It was that kind of night. Indeed, the atmosphere was tense enough that two Sheffield police officers were called to observe the school committee meeting lest things get out of control.

Second whistleblower at SBRSD alleges workplace retaliation ‘for reporting unlawful conduct’

Brenda Olivieri alleges that Southern Berkshire Regional School District Superintendent Beth Regulbuto has "created a culture of fear and intimidation," resulting in retaliatory action against her "for reporting unlawful conduct."

Former SBRSD superintendent endorses Sears, Silvers for School Committee

In a letter to the editor David Hastings writes: “Serving as the Superintendent, I found both Bonnie and Dennis to be very demanding and nearly always right, making sure that our children got only the best.”

Egremont’s ‘flying school’ to land next week, open its doors to students in August

"We're moving forward and expect to be ready for children well before the school year, if not sooner." -- Bruce Turner, chair, Egremont Board of Selectmen

Tara White for Board of Selectmen in New Marlborough

In his letter to the editor, David Hastings writes: “For many years, Tara has shown herself to be a dedicated and tireless servant to our town.”

Southern Berkshire School Committee adopts same $16m budget, without funding 2 village schools

Quite apart from getting the budget passed before July 1 is the question of how to find the extra $52,000 to restore transportation to New Marlborough Central School for next year.

New SBRSD busing policies may undermine New Marlborough Central School enrollment

The School Committee has insisted the Monterey and Egremont schools were not closed, but that their operations were temporarily suspended or put "on hiatus." But others see the busing policy as a tactic to cripple enrollment at New Marlborough Central in order to close it.

SBRSD budget in limbo: Egremonters want their school back

If district taxpayers refuse to authorize spending for the school district, the state has an elaborate system to ensure the district's continued operation.

Citing empathy with Egremont, Monterey sends SBRSD budget to districtwide defeat

Monterey's "future probably lies in leaving the district," not only because of the town's dissatisfaction with Southern Berkshire but because 46 percent of the town's students are choicing out to other districts anyway. -- Kenn Basler, chair of Monterey Board of Selectmen

Egremont files legal action against SBRSD over closure of local school

The complaint further asks the court to consider the School Committee's action to be a "material breach" and to grant the town the authority to enter into "tuition agreements with another district or districts."

SBRSD School Committee selects new superintendent        

Beth Regulbuto is currently serving as the Associate Superintendent of Schools with the Hampden-Wilbraham School District. She will assume her new post in July.

Southern Berkshire School District to appeal DOE downgrade  

“We should be celebrating the fact that when they get to high school, our students are leading the pack. Teachers do above and beyond. It’s not about a damn test; it’s about the kids.” --- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member Charlie Flynn

DOE downgrades Berkshire Hills, Southern Berkshire schools for low participation rates in standardized tests

"We are punished over high stakes tests that do not augment our kids’ educations but only give the state more control over local funds. This is all about power and the market forces at play with high stakes testing companies, forces that did not exist before No Child Left Behind [2001].” --- Maria Rundle, Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member and mother of three students in the New Marlborough Elementary School

Southern Berkshire School District eyes closing Monterey School — again

The Monterey School is one of three one-room schoolhouses remaining in Massachusetts: "It’s really simple. This is not a political decision, or even financial. It’s purely an educational decision." -- Carl Stewart, chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee, on the proposed closing of the Monterey Village School.

Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee: Town assessments incorrect, budget slashed

“We have a glitch. The numbers are not that great, but a percentage of one or two percent, when you’re dealing with a lot of money, becomes a lot of money.” -- Vito Valentini, chair of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District finance subcommittee

Five Southern Berkshire towns to vote on $7.7 million in repairs to high school

Sheffield — Special town meeting dates are set for each of the five towns in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District to vote on...

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