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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

BOOK REVIEW: David Giannini’s poems summon a careful cultivation of daily life

The most alluring kernels in Giannini’s nearly five dozen poems seem to lie at the intersection of the past and the present.

BOOK REVIEW: David Giannini’s ‘The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up’ are poems witty, wise, with bold truth straight on

"It is all a matter of persistence, discipline, and long love for what I must try to accomplish. I have the feeling, the sense, every day when I wake, of rising into poetry." -- David Giannini

For the Students (and All) Who March Against Gun Violence

A deadly silence has been living too long in the corridors of power.

BOOK REVIEW: David Giannini’s new poems, summoning transcendent moments overlooked

There is a transcendent quality to his themes, one that delineates the continuum in life rather than the specific entries and exits, beginnings and endings.

Bits & Bytes: Howard Dean in Pittsfield; Grillsdale 2016; BPL to present ‘War Stories’; Discover Tyler Street; Writers Read; Annette Miller on acting

Former DNC chairman, presidential candidate, six-term governor and physician Howard Dean currently serves as a senior strategic advisor and independent consultant focusing on the areas of healthcare and energy issues.

Bits & Bytes: Truck Day; Writers Read; paint & oil collection; Petrichor album release; new website for BNRC; Camphill Ghent tribute orchard

Truck Day will feature more 40 vehicles such as dump trucks, bulldozers, snow groomers, 18-wheelers, snowmobiles, police cars, and fire trucks for children to look at, climb on, sit in.

POEMS: Notes toward Thanksgiving U.S.A., An Assay

On Thanksgiving, a poetic meditation by the Becket poet David Giannini.

In Becket woods, a poet and his international dust collection

The poet David Giannini says his collection of ordinary dust from around the world is unintentional art in the style of Marcel Duchamp. Scottish dust, Korean dust, Haitian dust and Cuban dust; dust from Mt. Etna, Iranian dust, and Tokyo dust

Bits & Bytes: NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson at the Mahaiwe; Naumkeag extends season; dementia series at Fairview ; Susan Lewis, David Giannini at Writers...

In addition to the extended schedule, Naumkeag will be offering a line-up of events during the height of the fall-foliage season.

BOOK REVIEW: David Giannini’s ‘Span of Thread’: Poetry that is enigmatic, luminous

Giannini creates a pleasing blurring of lines, a moving between worlds ... it is not your world, but it is.

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