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CONNECTIONS: A tale of two 19th-century Berkshire women

One had a solid impact on Berkshire County and her generation. While the other, although more famous, may have had no impact on the county at all. You decide.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Internal policies debate exposes rift on Great Barrington Selectboard

Leigh Davis openly questioned why her fellow board members wanted to revise certain policies and whether they were a response to actions she has taken since her election to the board in May.

Activists file home-rule petition on horse racing, as questions are raised about selectboard policy changes

But there is a workaround for local control. The project would require as many as three special permits from the town.

Barrington panel eyes Housatonic School as site for office condos or child care

Economic development committee Chairman Steve Picheny wanted an update from town manager Mark Pruhenski on the environmental status of the building and then solicited thoughts from committee members about what uses they thought would suit the empty building.

ZBA says changes to 100 Bridge Street too great, putting CDC development plan at ‘significant risk’

The language that is always being used is that the CDC is ghettoizing our poor, or low- and moderate-income families ... We think that description is absurd, given where the site is ... and the fact that ... 50 percent of the families in Great Barrington qualify for these units." -- Tim Geller, executive director of the CDC

Conflict-of-interest complaint filed against two Great Barrington selectmen; Sheffield ConCom member fined $2,500 by state ethics panel

Abrahams doubts anything will come of it because the ethics commission told him earlier there was no conflict of interest so long as he did not have a financial relationship with the applicant or otherwise stand to benefit financially.

Selectboard listens to complaints about HA chair’s leadership style but declines to remove her

Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon agreed that Housing Authority Chair Karen Smith's transgressions do not rise to the standard for removal under state law.

Land Court judge thwarts town and neighbors; gives legal victory to trucking firm

The case has been an enormous headache for town officials and nearby residents in the Blue Hill neighborhood and has so far cost tens of thousands of dollars in billable hours from the town’s law firm.

Town hall briefs: special town meeting items; pot shop host agreements; relocation of town employees from old firehouse

Sean VanDeusen, who heads the town Department of Public Works, said contractors currently performing work on Town Hall found the chimneys "to be in worse shape than previously thought." Two of the chimneys need to be completely rebuilt.

ZBA ruling backs building inspector on solar ruling; solar project on farm not dead, company president says

Inspector Edwin May did his job by interpreting what was available on the books. He treated Kearsarge’s project, which is to generate power at discounted rates for three central Massachusetts municipalities, as “light industrial” and so not allowed on the land the company planned to lease from farmer Bob Coons.

Great Barrington to hire Boston firm for “police issues”; GBPD investigation continues

Sheffield Officer Brennan Polidoro stopped off-duty Great Barrington Officer Daniel Bartini in the early hours of Saturday, August 20, after observing him driving erratically, but was instructed to let him seek a ride home in what appeared to be an act of “professional courtesy.”

ZBA approves affordable housing permit for 100 Bridge St.; shoots down full clean-up

The permit split raised concerns that the 45 housing units would sit alone up against the wastewater treatment plant, with 6 acres of toxic soil either left there or remediated in phases.

CDC makes case for 100 Bridge Street project; ZBA mulls affordable housing decision

While Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire (CDC) has presented its plan for 45 units of affordable housing to several boards, the Zoning Board of Appeals is the one that has to decide whether to issue CDC its comprehensive permit.

Great Barrington Selectboard unanimously approves special permits for hotel at Searles School

“The applicant has taken it all very much to heart and wants to do...what is right for the community…we all have the potential to get something good for Great Barrington.” --- Sean Stanton, chairman of the Great Barrington Selectboard

Great Barrington Town Counsel raises issues with Searles School hotel proposal

"The Selectboard will need to determine whether the proposed project will ‘redevelop’ the Searles building in a manner that secures to the Town the benefit of the building’s historic or cultural or architectural significance." -- Great Barrington Town Counsel David Doneski

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