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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

Of plastic bottles and ‘marijuana wars’: a Great Barrington year in review

2018 has provided enough Great Barrington news to keep journalists busy and observers of town politics highly amused, signaling that the community dubbed "best small town in America" by Smithsonian Magazine continues to be a place in transition.

Caccaviello is effective prosecutor as well as compassionate

In a letter attorney Ira Kaplan writes: “Paul [Caccaviello] is an effective litigator, but he is also a compassionate person. He was a mentor to me, and his touchstone was seeking justice.“

Caccaviello’s experience will benefit Berkshire County

In a letter to the editor, Dan Bianchi writes, "I had the opportunity as mayor to see Paul Caccaviello in action coordinating the preparation of the worst of criminal cases, prosecuting those who sold drugs to our children, robbed senior citizens, abused women and committed murder."

D.A. candidate Caccaviello is a relic of old-boy network

In his letter James Campagna of Pittsfield writes: “I sense several backroom, slimy deals.”

DA candidate Caccaviello is a Republican in Democrat clothing

In their letter Marie and Marie T. Harpin write: “We need a District Attorney who will reform the criminal justice system in Berkshire County and will not maintain the status quo. Attorney Andrea Harrington is the only candidate on the ballot who can bring about that much needed reform.”

The district attorney seat belongs to the people

In her letter Kathleen Riley of Pittsfield writes: “Mr. Caccaviello lost an election, period. Blaming his [primary] election loss on his not being a politician is absurd and hypocritical. He manipulated the political system to get the advantage of incumbency.”

DA candidate Caccaviello’s campaign masks his significant failures

In an effort to hide Paul’s shortcomings, his campaign has made catchy signs that tout his “experience.”

Caccaviello should accept the will of the primary voters

In his letter to the editor Jon Piasecki writes: "Perhaps he does not understand that, when more people voted for Andrea Harrington, she beat him."

Caccaviello’s experience makes him more qualified for DA

"The job of head prosecutor deserves someone who is trained, seasoned and has prosecuted over 5,000 cases over 30 years."

Andrea Harrington wins District Attorney primary race in a squeaker

Harrington had 40 percent of the votes to Paul Cacciaviello's 37 and Judith Knight's 23, with more than 90 percent of precincts reporting, and only three small towns remaining.

‘Election meddling’ in Berkshire County DA race?

It bothers me, and should bother those who want change for the better in the DA’s office, that the only candidate under attack is Andrea Harrington, both by Caccaviello and Knight.

Andrea Harrington has experience, vision for the DA’s office

In her letter to the editor Sharon Winsett writes: “For too long, Berkshire County has relied on the good-old boy network to make decisions that impact us now and in the future.”

Reformer Judith Knight running for Berkshire County District Attorney ‘to get real change’

A Lee resident, Knight has, since 2006, been in private practice in Great Barrington. About 80 percent of her practice has been in criminal defense, with most of the remainder of her practice in mediation.

Andrea Harrington would replace ‘old boys network’ at DA’s office

In his letter to the editor Jon Piasecki writes: "Our District Attorney's office suffers from a dynasty of entitlement, bad direction and even corruption."

Andrea Harrington brings fresh perspective, fresh leadership to D.A. race

In his letter to the editor, Steve Farina writes:  "The District Attorney’s office needs the fresh leadership, energized leadership, found in someone who embraces the Criminal Justice Reform that the people of Massachusetts, and particularly, the people of Berkshire County both want and deserve."

News Briefs: Caccaviello joins ballot for DA; MassHealth overpaying for drug tests, screens; ‘Listen to Us John Faso’ poll

Caccaviello was sworn in as Berkshire district attorney March 15 after serving as first assistant district attorney under former Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless.

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